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Saturday, June 11, 2005

New blog

I have started a new blog at http://commentsonthebible.blogspot.com/. This blog will contain my blogs on Galatians. I have currently finished chapter one. There are also links to other online Commentaries by John Calvin, Martin Luther, Matthew Henry, etc... Check it out. In the future I will also have links to bible study sites, and other biblical reference sites. In the meantime I will continue to update this blog as well with blogs about issues, baseball, (sorry haven't got to any of that yet), and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Also, Check out Phil Johnson's blog Pyromaniac at http://phillipjohnson.blogspot.com/ and my Pastor, Steve Weaver's blog at http://pastorsteveweaver.blogspot.com/. They're usually right about everything.
Happy blogging.

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