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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Here's How It's Gonna Go Down

Taking my cue from Joe over at Joe's Jottings, Steve Camp at Camponthis, and a host of others, I would like to set up a blogging schedule.

Sunday Sabbatical (there will be no posts on Sunday)
Missions Mondays (missions and missionary related posts)
Tuesday Tombsday (dead theologians)
Wednesday Word (Galatians blog)
Thursday Theology (doctrine)
Friday Favorites (favorite blogs, posts, preachers, scriptures, etc.)
Saturday Satire (satire, silliness, and other slip-ups)

This is not a binding schedule, but a guide to keep me sane. I may skip a day here and there. The only day I really want to commit to is Wednesday, when I will be updating the Galatians blog.

Taking my cue from Steve Weaver at Pastor Steve Weaver's blog, I'm going to post a list of my favorite posts from the blog realm on Fridays along with a list of other favorite things.

Thanks guys, for blazing the trail.


Steve Weaver said...

Interesting! Very Interesting Indeed!

Jeremy Weaver said...

"Reciprocasheown!"-Doug Heffernan

Bhedr said...

Are we allowed to coment on Sunday?

Jeremy Weaver said...

You may comment on Sundays in a fashion commensurate with your own conscience.

Bhedr said...

oh thanks I feel so much freedom now.

Joe said...

Wonder why we're so reluctant to say, "This is how its going to be...take it or leave it?"

If we comment on Sunday, we'll have to comment on a previous post, since there will be no Sunday post. Does that mean we're going back in time, or just confused?