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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I Need Some Feedback!

As some of you probably know, I have a second blog where I am posting some general comments on Galatians. Response to this blog (from my point of view) has been dismal.
Anyway, I was thinking through my options and would like to know your opinion. As I see it there are three options.
1) Continue as always.
2) Continue in private, then post the entire commentary in Chapter divisions instead of posting smaller sections.
3) Continue in private and don't tell anyone.

What do you think? Or is there an option I'm overlooking? I just don't want to waste time and space on something that will never be read.

Let me know.


Steve Weaver said...

I choose: 1) Continue as always.

Because: a) You said in the beginning that you were only doing this for your own personal benefit. Anything else was considered bonus. b) It is providing a free resource online (not just for the present, but for eternity, or however blogs last).

Joe said...

I choose: 1) Continue as always.

Because: a) I'm stealing as much of it as I can to use in my own bible study class. b)There is no "b"

Jeff Wright said...

For what it's worth I read 'em all (and enjoy doing so). I don't reply to them because I figure I can either talk to you at church or post here.

I also make use of the references you put on there. If you do decide to remove that blog please let me know so I can bookmark those links.

steve said...

I would have to agree and say continue as always... Ask yourself what is the reason for doing it in the first place

Bhedr said...

Ruff Ruff

Jeremy Weaver said...

O.K., I get the message.
Brian, Sit!