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Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Favorites-Sights I Saw While Travelling the Super Highway

Phil Johnson, (Pyromaniac), likes to stir up trouble. I like to be stirred in trouble. It's a match made in Heaven. Great post on Labels. Read the comments if you like trouble.
My educated, Pastor, friend, mentor, and older brother, Steve Weaver, likes John Piper. So do I.
John Rush, has posted about six or seven consecutive excellent posts. My favorite this week is, 'Evolution on Two Levels'.
Jeff Wright has been keeping us updated on the youth conference he is speaking at, but he also has time to rant. Read 'I’m Burnt Out On Evangelical Politicism' if you don't believe me. He's got some good rants about 'Christian Politics' in that one.
Joe Scoggin has a noggin and he's not afraid to use it, so don't make him. Read his post titled, '"We" the People'.
James Spurgeon has a couple of good blogs. The Howling Coyote and Texas Baptist Underground. You'll love Texas Baptist Underground, or as I have come to call it, 'Against Bob Gray'. Too many posts to pick a favorite.
David Mullins, aka 'Reformer', came back from vacation posted on 'Isaiah 8.11-22 - Fear God; Heed His Word' and dropped off the face of the earth. Where are you???
Shawn Lynes entered the blogosphere and began talking about Family Worship. Revolutionary thought, huh? I'll be heading over shortly to repent. Shawn also has a website titled the same as his blog. Check it out at, http://www.biblicalstudiesonline.com/. He has studies he has authored himself, as well as studies by men like, MacArthur, Piper, Pink, etc.
Brian Hedrick, an Ana-Baptist Beheader, also has some opinions we needed to know about.
Chad Bresson, a multi-media event in and of himself, reminded us all to pay $255.00 to hear Bill Hybels say something he's never said before.
Steve Camp, the constantly reforming reformer of reformation, posted this, 'Highlights of Trent' compiled by David W. Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061 - Scripture applications compiled by Steve Camp; additional notes by Steve Camp. In other words David Cloud composed the Highlights of Trent and our 'Campi' added Scripture and commentary for our reading enjoyment.
I will be updating my blog listings tomorrow. Check there for other great blogs I like.

Favorite Hymns

Holy, Holy, Holy by Reginald Heber
O Sacred Head by Bernard of Clairvaux
A Mighty Fortress by Martin Luther
At The Cross by Isaac Watts
Jesus Shall Reign by Isaac Watts
Be Thou My Vision by Unknown
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross by Isaac Watts
Joy To The World by Isaac Watts
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name by Unknown
Come Thou Fount by Robert Robinson


Jeff Wright said...

Gosh. Now how am I going to read all those good blog postings while I'm traveling home to a broken down computer?


Bhedr said...

It Is Well With My Soul: 2nd verse.

Like Michael Card's Granpa said prior to singing his song for his granpa, "I expect to swing out into eternity on this."

Joe said...

Congratulations! You are the first person in history to accuse me of even having a noggin. 'Cept my sweet wife, of course. She thinks I'm smart (or was that "smartie?")

Reformer said...

hey Jeremy, be nice! I didn't drop off the face of the earth... just the face of the blogosphere. You know what it is like to get back from vacation and hit the ground running. I had a huge outreach event this past weekend for baseball fanactics (like myself) and another this coming weekend using the venue of golf. My wife is due with number four in two months and today is my sons third birthday. I am speaking at our school Spiritual Emphasis week in a week a half on the subject Who am I in Adam/Who am I in Christ. I finish my series on the Beatitudes thsi coming Wednesday. And on an on and on... I am no busier than anyone else... I just havn't been able to juggles the blog amidst it all. I hope to ease back in this week and get more into next week. I have so much I want to blog about.

But thanks for noticing.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I'z jes' messin' widja man!
(I was just messing with you man!)
Glad you're back. Glad you never stop.:) Glad you have a life on the outside!