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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You Have Got To Read This!

Chad Bresson, aka, Breuss Wane, aka, Batman, aka, Vossed Over has written an post about the lady (Ashley Smith) who was kidnapped by a murderer (Brian Nichols) earlier this year. There was a big deal about how Smith read The Purpose Driven Life to Nichols. Anyway, go read Batman's article, The Meth Life Now. Now!


Jonathan Moorhead said...

This is great fodder for new book titles. Let’s see . . . “The Purpose-Driven Meth Life,” “The Meth-Driven Life,” “The Meth-Driven High Life,” oh the opportunities are endless!

BTW, congrats on the big win over LSU last night (if you are a Vols fan). Of course this year you could be a Vandy fan with pride!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Yes, I am a Vols fan.

Yeah. Vandy. Right.

I'm not a Purpose Driven kind of guy, and I'm not a Rick Warren fan. I thought I believed that anything was possible from the Purpose Driven crowd. But that still sent me reeling! That they would spin that story so far the other direction is amazing to me.
And I read the articles that Chad linked to, and it seems that Nichols converted to Islam back in May. I don't remember hearing that from the News media. Do you?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Wow, I didn't hear about the Islam thing. I wonder what ole' Rick would say about that.

Jeremy Weaver said...

He would say, "I'm not a Southern Baptist, yes I am, I'm a Muslim, no I'm a Christian. I have a purpose for everything I just said. That purpose is 'mo' money!"

pilgrim said...

Quite the link & story.

But it shows our fallen nature and that God works any way.

Bhedr said...

Wow...what a shocker. I'll bet Paul Proctor is gonna be all over this one. Amazing

Rose~ said...

Jeremy, I think you need to do another post on buggy things...like Christian fads. Wait, never mind, maybe I want to write the post ... :~) (All the talk about that book reminded me of the hype that came along with Prayer of Jabez.) I never read the Purpose book because the hype turned me off. (Maybe that is wrong).

Anonymous said...

I saw you back on pyro's sight again today . . . but I don't see you published over at Joe Thorn's Words of Grace.

What happened to the Trade???

Did you fail the drug test. That Meth-Life will get you every time!

John Rush said...

Go Vols.

Here's one: "Sudafed for Heart and Head."


Bhedr said...


Jeremy Weaver said...

Is that your title for the book, Brian?

Bhedr said...

Lol! Ah what a title it would make if one were to write a book on blogging