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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some Books I Am Reading

Here's a list of book recommendations that I hope will be of help to those of you who want to read some good books. Some of them I may review at a later time. I hope to post some chapter summaries on The Baptists by Tom Nettles, which I am currently reading.
Sorry, still no words of wisdom from me, just read these guys instead. I'll try to get a good post to make you mad over the weekend!

The Holy Trinity by Robert Letham

(Morning) A Firm Foundation by Caspar Olevianus
(Evening) God Is The Gospel by John Piper

The Life Of God In The Soul Of Man by Henry Scougal

The Baptists by Tom Nettles

(Old Testament) Habakkuk
(New Testament) Hebrews

Books I Plan On Reading

Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos
God's Greater Glory by Bruce Ware

When I Don't Desire God by John Piper

Christ Crucified by Stephen Charnock
Jerusalem's Glory by Thomas Watson

The Baptists Volume 2 by Tom Nettles

(Old Testament) The Law
(New Testament) 1 and 2 Corinthians

Books On Regular Rotation

The Pleasures Of God by John Piper
In The Face Of God by Michael Horton
By His Grace And For His Glory by Tom Nettles
Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
The Holiness Of God by R. C. Sproul

Books I Refer To Often

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem
Christian Theology by Millard Erickson
John Calvin's New Testament Commentaries
Learning Theology With The Church Fathers by Christopher Hall
Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge
Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life by Don Whitney


pilgrim said...

Any time you get a chance to read Stephen Charnock, I would suggest you do. The man was blessed by God in his knowledge and love of the Lord--and he was an excellent communicator. If somebody says they have trouble reading the Puritans, give them Charnock--if they still have trouble, they may not be trying.

(Of course we should still give them the benefit of the doubt. They may not be big on reading in the first place, or may need to work their way through stuff.)

Joe said...

No words of wisdom? Am I to understand that it would not be wise to read these books?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Nice list Jeremy. That should last you about a week?

John Rush said...

Thanks Jeremy.

Got a course in speed reading?


bluecollar said...

Love Wayne Grudem! Philip Schaff anyone?

Reformer said...

I am devotionally reading afresh MORNING AND EVENING by Spurgeon (updated with ESV by Alistair Begg).

I am also reading A GODLY MAN'S PICTURE by Puritan Thomas Watson.

Thanks for your list Jeremy.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Hey Reformer,
How you doing?

Bhedr said...

Oh man I thought I was a book worm. Will there be a test? Phew! I might get the Vos book and the History of the Baptists but other than that let me exhort all of you with the words of the late German theologian Helmut Theilicke:

"Sell all that you have...and buy Spurgeon."