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Monday, October 03, 2005

You wanna post? I got yer post right here!

Against Hyperbole

Hyperbole is used WAY too much. Everybody uses hyperbole, no exclusions, and they use it all the time.
'What is this hyperbole', you ask? Don't worry. Everybody is asking that question. Hyperbole is a way overstating the truth in order to make a point. And for the record, I am always, totally against overstating anything. That's why I will absolutely never, ever tolerate hyperbole on this blog.
On a related note, all the boats in New York are flipping over. Also, all hurricanes are hitting the Gulf Coast.
Joe is always the first to comment, and bloggers never spend any time with their families.
Today, absolutely everything that could go wrong at work, went wrong. Tomorrow there will not be any problems whatsoever.
The Yankees always win the World Series and the Vols are the best college football team, bar none.
Do you see what I mean about hyperbole? Of course you do. Everyone does.


J. Wendell said...

Joe is Always the First?

God bless you, brother, welcome back. Wish I could have been there to hear you preach. I'm sure it went well. Meantime cheese dip on John Rush's blog got me through.

No hyperbole intended.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Of course, you are the exception to the rule.

pilgrim said...

Well if I told you...

Nah that's too corny--everybody will think of that one...

(That reminds me, I planned to blog tonight!)

Rose~ said...

You have a such an awesome, incredible, over-the-top, extremely funny sense of humor, Jeremy! (How was that?)

Joe said...

I am never first. I have never been first and I will never be first.

I categorically deny that there is any benefit whatsoever to being first or to using hyperbole.

Which should be pronounced: hyper
bowl. One step up from Super Bowl.