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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Spend time with your family thanking God for all that He has given us.

For a more edifying post, check out Pastor Steve Weaver's blog.


bluecollar said...

Back at ya' Bro!

Mark D. Pierson

J. Wendell said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm going to listen to one of your sermons now. I hear the content is excellent.

brother John

Jeremy Weaver said...

J Wendell,
Who told you that mess?

J. Wendell said...

Well, Rosie said she was surfing around yesterday and went to your church's website, then listened to a sermon by you called "The Proper Response to Salvation". She liked it. She showed me where to find it this morning. I listened to it - it was neat to hear your voice. I love you Southern folk. Now send me a decision card! ;-)

bluecollar said...

Where do I find Jeremy's sermons? I would love to here them!

Joe said...

I did, thank you very much. What a detriment to my diet!

I am thankful (dietwise) that Thanksgiving comes but once per year (althoug we must give thanks daily).