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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Pulling A Phil

I'm going to have to take a night off here at Doxoblogy.

I've had that tingling feeling at the back of my throat for a couple of days now, but today at work I went from a tingling to congestion in my chest. I know you cessationists are probably thinking, "Healer, heal thyself", about now, but to be honest with you, I'm not very comfortable with the spiritual gift of healing, so I'm not going to try it till I get it down pat. I'd hate to mess something up worse. That's a joke.

However, I would like to say three things about the topic at hand.

1. I'm not at all comfortable with this topic. I don't like it. It's very scary for me. But I can't get around it through any kind of exegesis of the relevant texts. The Holy Spirit was a much easier topic when I was a cessationist.

B. I have been asked for chapter and verse. I intend to go back and edit both of my posts on prophecy with references, but not tonight. I'll add them over the weekend and let you know when I have updated.
I would also like to say that in my mind the burden of proof is on the cessationists. If you can show me where a clear and contextual reading of the Bible requires us to say that some gifts have ceased, then I will follow. But the problem is, there are no texts. As I see it, cessationism assumes from the beginning that some gifts have ceased and read that into their interpretation of Scripture. I can't begin with that assumption. I must see where a normal and clear common-sense reading of the text suggests that some gifts have ceased, otherwise we are battling Scripture with Tradition.

III. As far as I know, I am the only non-cessationist that frequents this blog. Those I have linked to are in no way responsible for my views. My Pastor and brother may or may not agree with me. I'm not sure, but he probably doesn't. Point being, the views expressed in this blog are mine.

5. For those of you visiting from a blog that doesn't like me or John Rush, feel free to berate me, but please do not assume that I speak for any of the blogs that I am linked to. I agree with them most of the time, but they are not responsible for anything I say.



Bhedr said...

Good night brother and bless your heart. I grew up among the staunchist of cessy's and respect them. They confessed to being a cessy but their actions were not always so. I remember an evangelist speaking in Chapel and he warned us that God may have to take one of us to get our attention. That year my classmate died of cancer. Pam was her name. It was hard to get my frail young imortality of mind back after that and his message never left my mind. you know because I am repeating it to you now. All things must conform to the realm of Scripture though and we must diligently try all things. Bottom line for me is that the Holy
Spirit is alive and active and we mustn't limit His work as He is the very purpose of His ascension. Spirit and Truth brother Spirit and Truth.

I believe in the same sense that we engage those who don't believe in innerrancey we must equally warn others of limiting the Holy Spirit as He is the very living God that spoke those words.

Jeff Wright said...

Missed you at church tonight. I hope you start feeling better.

I'm still cessationist but you've given me a lot to chew on.

I would comment that what you write about the lack of a clear, plain-sense reading of a scriptural text to support cessation sounds a lot like what opponents of limited atonement say when stating their case.

J. Wendell said...

Jeff took the words right out of my mouth.

Hope you feel better soon, brother.

bluecollar said...

I'm not a cessationist either for all the same reasons you state

John Rush said...

I don't like John Rush.

What? Wait a minute...


Jeremy Weaver said...

Put those words back in J Wendell's mouth!

As to Limited Atonement, Isaiah 53, Matthew 1:21, and John 10:7-18. There is a reasonable reason in Scripture to believe in Limited Atonement. There is nothing that even comes remotely close to saying anything about the cessation of gifts, other than at the return of Christ.

Joe said...

I have always felt free to berate you, I just have never found a reason to do so.

As for John Rush....

People who need a scripture and verse for every aspect of discussion either have not read the entire scripture or don't know where to find particular verses/subjects found therein.

(II Hezekiah 4:12)

Bhedr said...

A stereotypical argument is not a Scriptural argument.