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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Today, I'm tired. I worked a lot, hard, and a long time today. Anyway, I thought I might give you a rundown of a typical day for the Doxoblogist.

Misc. tasks and devotional time as my wife and I get ready for work and the kids for school

Check email and comments




6:00pm to 8:00pm
Family and Supper time, reading, winding down

Blog updates and Blog reading

Study time


Isn't that interesting!!! Usually there are variations in the time spent in each segment. But this gives you a rough idea of what my life is like. I usually read bits and pieces through the day, when I have time. Normally though, all my extra-curricular reading gets done in the morning, evening, and then whatever I am reading along with what I am studying in the Bible.
Weekends are spent reading, spending time with my family, going to church, work around the house (sometimes), and fun stuff.
Tonight, I'm going to bed now. And it's just 9:45pm.


Tony K. said...

Do you guys have regular family worship or just work it in after dinner?

Shawn L said...


Family worship for us happens in the morning after breakfast or right before bed, however I'm only doing the formal kind 1-3 times a week myself, otherwise I do spend time blessing my kids each night and singing a hymn or 4 before they go to bed. Some of the later weeks have been doing more

I'm glad to see that you don't spend any time with TV. It's such a waste, but don't forget your wife time to just chat or play card games or do a puzzle together or something nice like that.

However if you are sucked into the ROSE blog you will be never be feeling like you have enough time with you wife. ;0-) ;-) I'm going to stop on that blog for awhile as I love my wife.

I tend to blog when my kids are sleeping and my wife is with friends or my wife is sleeping and it's really late, however my wife doesn't like that so I think I'll spend just less time per day blogging.

J. Wendell said...

Hey! Rose isn't trying to take any time away from families. No one is required to leave such LONG comments ... though many do and we're learning a lot.

Jeremy, your schedule looks a lot like mine.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Family worship is something we're working on.
We really don't do it every day.

Shawn L said...


I was trying to be funny.

I leave long posts because I think those discussions require alot of stuff to write about.

bluecollar said...


forgiven said...

Hi D
The Only way to have more time is ... Come Jesus Come...

Ray said...

Sounds much like my days...

Shawn L said...

John Wendell,

I just realized what I wrote was confusing. Please forgive me about the comment about your wife's blog. I think it's great, but I was stating that she always writes very intreging and bible digging posts for everyone.