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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ten Reasons Why Christianity Is Better Than All Other Religions

Here are ten reasons I believe Christianity is better than all other world religions.

These reasons are not comprehensive and are not arranged in any particular order.

1. We Have A Savior

2. Salvation By Grace

3. Forgiveness Of Sin

4. We Have The Truth

5. Promise Of Heaven

6. Eternal Life

7. God Has Given Himself To Us

8. Christian Fellowship

9. Christian Morality

10. Peace With God

Add your reasons to the list in the comment section.


Rose~ said...

Assurance of Eternal Destiny (might be the same as #5)

pilgrim said...

Salvation is NOT based on our merit.

Joe said...

Terrific! Prepare to have it stolen!

Anonymous said...

1 2 and 3 all a bit vauge, 4 through 10 would all be considered to be the case by muslims too.

Jeremy Weaver said...

4 through 10 are wrongly affirmed by the Muslims since only one can be truly true through and through.

Bobby Grow said...

Actually #5 is not applicable to Muslims--they are not promised paradise. Allah can capriciously decide to send whoever He wants to hell (even if you've been a good Muslim). The only one's guaranteed heaven, in Islam, are those who die as martyrs.

John said...

that Christianity is real.

J. Wendell said...

We also have a realistic Holy Book! It does not demonize the villians nor does it mortalize its heroes. The Koran and the Bible both point out that man is sinful, but the Bible provides a solution that really works!
Also Islam makes men servents of God but servants only (that is their path to possible salvation). The Bible makes us free to serve, but we also become the children of God. One other feature of Biblical Christianity is that we have a real Father/son relationship to God. It's a relationship, not a religion. ;-)

brother John

John Rush said...


Don't you know that religion does not belong in the blogosphere? Don't you know that your existence here is forcing religion down other peoples' throats?

What are you thinking man?

Don't you know that CERTAINTY is arrogance, and truth claims are simply power grabs?

You need to be deconstructed man!

God is dead. Haven't you read that yet?

Come to think of it, you should be DELETED!

In the name of tolerance, I will do all I can to silence, trivialize, marginalize, and stop you.

Just shut up already.

JRush the Freethinking Openminded Unbigot.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I'm sorry, John.
Who am I to think that I might be right about something?