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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weaver The Elder On Election

Election: A Reason For Thanksgiving


Joe said...

I want to comment on your previous post about unity. (I put it here in case you did not go back to the prior post.)

I consider unity to be a mojor theme of Christ's ministry (John 17), and a theme of Paul's, too (the body of christ).

If that is so, why are we so un-unified within the Body and the bodies?

How do we overcome the disunity?

Jeremy Weaver said...

I think we are united. If we believe the Bible, then we have to see that unity is something that has been accomplished by Christ's death and resurrection.

However that unity is not readily seen in the world we live in. Overcoming disunity will have to come not by loosening doctrinal standards, but by strengthening them.
In other words, we must rally around truth. Truth is found in the Word of God.
Now we get into debates about how the Word of God is to be interpreted, but you know what I would say.

I will point out though, that we live in a time of unprecedented variety in the Church and this variety results in more division.
That is why I think that variety of opinions is not the answer. Doctrinal variety does not unite, it divides. Doctrinal standards born out of the careful study of the Bible results in unity.

DOGpreacher said...

Doxo, you nailed it! When we sweep Doctrines (especially those that are criterion for orthodoxy) to the side in order that we may achieve unity...we have 'missed the boat'.

Those that think "doctrine" needs to be put aside to achieve 'unity', are either 'babes in Christ', or not in christ at all. Assuming that they are "babes", let us be an example as to 'rightly dividing the Word of Truth', by being a "workman" in the scriptures. Just like you guys!
God bless you Joe, & Jeremy, as you continue to study & share the wonderful Word of God!

grateful for grace,
The DOGpreacher