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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Explanation

I haven't posted in a few days and figured you all wanted an explanation. Here it is. Kidney Stones. For those of you who have ever experienced them, you need no other excuse. For those of you who haven't, thank God daily for His mercy. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that after five days (last Thursday-Tuesday) of the most excruciating pain known to humanity, I am well. I will begin posting again ASAP.
To tide you over a little, here are a couple pictures of my boys singing at our Church's Christmas musical. I couldn't attend, but got to see these pictures today.

This is Daniel. He also played a very convincing Joseph, I'm told.

This is David singing at the musical. He was a shepherd.


Rose~ said...

They are adorable! I'm glad to read that you're feeling better.

J. Wendell said...

Hi Jeremy,
I have prayed for you and I am glad that your trouble is "past" (no pun intended). Your children look bright!

Steve Weaver said...

Congratulations on my new nephew! Have you named him yet? David and Daniel did excellent in the Christmas program. I'll share the video with you as soon as possible!

Bhedr said...

Oh my thats too much Steve. My gut hurts just sitting here laughing at Jeremys expense.

Whatever you do, don't put it in a bottle and go around bragging on it. My neighbor did that, and trust me....folks really aren't interested in looking at it.

The kids might though.

Jeremy Weaver said...

His name is Jabez...Because I bore him in pain.And I constantly prayed the prayer of Jabez throughout the ordeal.
"Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!"
Bruce Wilkinson was really on to something when he said this prayer is appropriate for all situations.


mas said...

Your boys are cute! Having done both I'll chose giving birth anyday. But then the Word says children are a blessing not kidney stones :)

John Rush said...


You kill me man.


That's too good.

Merry Christmas


Daniel said...


Not fun.

Nuff said.

Kids are adorable Jeremy!

Magaly said...

I'm glad you are well! And your kids are the most beatiful boys I've ever seen!
Your Wife

Bhedr said...

Perhaps you have a small insight into the pain Magaly went through having your beautiful children.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Magaly was in labor a total of not more than 24 hours counting both times. I was in labor for five days. Maybe she has some insight into the pain I was in.
Seriously, I told her two days in, "If you don't want to have anymore children, I understand."
So now it's going to be totally up to her.

Bhedr said...

LOL, well I don't know about that, I imagine...well maybe. We shall have to hear from her on that. Anyway if you don't know what it is to say 'my baby' at least you can say 'Rock' a 'bye' with a whole lot of experience behind you.