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Friday, December 02, 2005

Grace Turned My Heart

In sin conceived,
And nature bound,
I was deceived,
Free will my crown.

For shedding blood,
And speaking lies,
I hated God,
And hid my eyes.

The Spirit called,
My soul awoke,
And to Him crawled,
Of Christ partook.

What was the cause?
Some good within?
My nature called,
"Why turn from sin?"

'Twas sovereign grace
Life did impart
To seek God's face
Grace turned my heart!


Antonio said...

"The Will of God is Necessity" (Institutes II.xxiii.8)

By Antonio da Rosa 12/2/05

Born blind and reprobate
Hell can be my only fate
Heaven reserved for those God chose
Why I have no chance, God only knows

Born blind and deaf to the gospel of grace
To my life, Christ in His death hid His face
For God so loved the world, that Jesus died only to save some
How can this be a gracious offer that disingenuously bids me to come?

Born blind and dead from my mother's womb
I am to glorify God by my certain doom
God has arranged and disposed of me at His pleasure
He has created me as an object of His wrath and not His treasure

Born blind in sin, I did not ask to be born
Unlike Paul for his brethren, For me God does not mourn
I have been chosen for hell in the secret counsel of His all-encompassing decree
When I am gone, there will be no memory of me

Steve Weaver said...


Great poem! A beautiful expression of the gospel!


Of whom does your poem speak, yourself or some other man? It is written in the first person. I trust you have made your calling and election sure!

You are very quick and gifted if you wrote those lyrics tonight. I thought of Martin Luther's words to Erasmus in The Bondage of the Will: "My heart went out to you for having defiled your lovely, brilliant flow of language with such vile stuff. I thought it outrageous to convey material of so low a quality in the trappings of such rare eloquence; it is like using gold or silver dishes to carry garden rubbish or dung" (p. 63).

Father Brown said...


If you were a charismatic preacher and you asked, "Can I get a witness up in this place?" I would definitely give you "a witness up in this place." The poem was THAT good.

You're not a charismatic preacher are you?

Jeremy Weaver said...

Some might say so, but they'd be wrong.
I'm a non-cessationist preacher.
(There is a difference. Really!)

Joe said...

Good poetry!

BTW Did I tell you that I really like the Doxoblogy banner at the top of your page. It looks really rich.

marc said...


That was excellent. I couldn't really improve upon that.

Do you mind if I put yours to music? I'd like to teach it to the pre-schoolers at my church?
BTW If I promise to accept Zane Hodges as my lord and savior would you change your avatar?

DOGpreacher said...


Beautiful poem of God's grace!

Antonio: A prideful, disgusting, sardonic DIG at the sovereignty and grace of God. Go ahead leopard, change those spots if you can.

When you deny the sovereignty of God in salvation, you are automatically implying the sovereignty of man. THAT of course, leaves you not believing in much of the Bible (especially the OT 'stories'), where God is continually Choosing people in the midst of their sinful lives (not after they came to Him first), and intervening....opening some eyes, while blinding others. Instead of telling Joshua to go in to Jericho and proclaim His Name....He said to kill them All. Your theology has no answer for that.

So...once denying the inerrancy of scripture in its original form, you are easily succeptible to every wind of doctrine (heresy)...Gnostics, Pelagius, Arminius, Z.Hodges, Hunt, Geisler, and then you EMERGE as Brian McClaren.