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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Headed Home!

I hope everyone spent a wonderful Christmas with their families, worshipping the God who became man, lived a perfect, human, yet sinless life, so that He could be the propitiation before God for us.

We spent Christmas in Toledo, Ohio. Magaly's sister and her husband live up here. And since they are both from Mexico, they had not spent a Christmas together in quite a while. Magaly and Bricia's mom flew up from Mexico, and then we all loaded up in the Intrepid for an 8 hour road trip.

While it was good to get away for a couple of days, I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

I have a couple of highlights to share with you though, because Toledo, Ohio is the home of three of my favorite bloggers, all of whom I met this week. First there is the Reformer, Dave Mullins. Dave really is a Reformer. It's not just a cute identity he chose for himself when he entered the blogosphere. He is passionate about Reformation in his life, home, work, as well as the Church. It was great talking wiht someone like that. I need to put his link back up, which I took down when he stopped blogging for a few months in the summer. I'll do that when I get home, and I've got to get a few more links up, like Brian, Mark, and Reid. You know who you are.

I also met my arch-nemesis and her husband this week. John and Rose Cole. I'm just kidding about the arch-nemesis part, because we really agree on a lot of stuff, she just likes to make a big fuss about Calvinism for some reason. Rose's reason, I guess.

John, or J Wendell, is a great guy as well. We met for the first time at Emmanuel Baptist on Christmas day, where Philip Decourcy preached an awesome sermon from Hebrews 2 on the Reason for the Season. After John and I introduced ourselves, he introduced me to Pastor Decourcy, who it seems is a fun-loving guy. Even if he does hate the Internet.
Back to John, we got to hang out for while at John and Rose's home yesterday. We talked about blogging, God, Church, worship, houses, the postal service, Arminians, Antonio, and a few of you people. John and rose were very hospitable, as me, Magaly, David, and Daniel, made ourselves at home and basically took over, as we generally do wherever we go. After swapping theological pilgrimages, we said goodbye, and I have not seen them since. Of course, it is only one day later, and we will not be leaving until after lunch, so you never know what might happen.

Marc, it's time for another post buddy. Give us your theories on congregational worship or something.


bluecollar said...

Ya autta visit Western New York sometime! Have a safe trip home.

Reformer said...


I count it a privilege to have met you. Your blog ministry (regardless of what DeCourcy thinks - haha!) had been a real blessing to me. And thank you for your kind words! I hope to join you and Magaly in Tennessee sometime. Then I can meet your brother finalyl as well!

Grace to you my friend!

Bhedr said...

Great! Glad you had such a wonderful time. The last time I was at that church was back in 1982.

Alas Ohio is too far for me to take a family. How did you make out? All those bathroom breaks and all. How about all those "Are we there yet?"

John said...


I am jealous Dave Mullins is one of my all time favorite people in the world. We worked together for three summers at a Christian summer camp. He was the Program Director and I was a Counselor. But I like to say I was a Dave disciple. He taught me alot about what ministry is. We also have common love of the doctrines of Grace. He always encouraged me with his love for the Word. All this so say I am very jealous of you.

I never met Rose. I hope you are still Calvinist after talking to her. I hope you are not SemiPeliagian now... Rose I am just joking..

Anyway I am sure you were blessed with your visit.

Joe said...

Wait a minute! I don't live in Toledo, Ohio.

Oh the pain!

J. Wendell said...

Thanks for bringing your warmth, your Magaly, David and Daniel here to our humble city, church and home. It was a privilege to have you all in our home. Rose and I agree (!) we will see you again sometime ... in this dispensation. Hey, there's a plethora of Mud Hens games coming up this summer. :)

Rose~ said...

Hi there Jeremy!
It was edifying meeting you and your wife. She is a fine woman! ... very friendly and easy to know.

Later tonight, I will be composing an image-rich post on your visit.

Now ... back to the "real" ... rather ... blog world.

BTW, "Rose" has a capital "R" (Check your second to last paragraph).

Oh, and I'm not Semi-Pelagian, Dave Mullins and Johnny Bronco.

Oh, and we didn't talk about Antonio, only the book that is his avatar.

Oh, and I think you are a really nice guy.

Oops, now back to blogdom.
Nemesis indeed. :~)

bluecollar said...

Mud Hens games???

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Is Philip Decourcy a TMS grad? If so, are John and Rose attending his church? Just curious.

J. Wendell said...

Philip De Courcy is a TMS grad and has been the pastor of our church for about 3 years now. Rose is part of the support staff at the church and works with Philip.
We are really blessed to have him.

Jeremy, I hope you make it home safely.

marc said...

Okay J.

forgiven said...

Sounds Like you had a Great Christmas

Thank you for sharing
Bless you brother

John Rush said...


Check my response to Rose's post on your visit to Ohio (a nice place to be from :)



Bhedr said...


TMS? I didn't know your pastor graduated from a Roman seminary:-)

Antonio said...


I thought I heard ringing in my ears.

So Zane Hodges was discussed? What a wonderful man of God!

Is the beard a seasonal thing?


Antonio said...

Can anything good come out of TMS?

Jeremy Weaver said...

I had not intended to grow a beard this year, but then I didn't shave for two weeks while I was sick, and since it is winter I decided to just trim it up some.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

John, you and Rose are very blessed. Philip is a wonderful man of God (I doubt he would remember me from the classroom though). Perhaps you could answer Antonio's question: "Can anything good come out of TMS?"

ambiance-five said...

Sounded nice.

Have a happy New year also.