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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here's My Birthday Gifts To You!

In an effort to be more hobbit-like, I've decided to give a few presents to you, the reader, for my birthday. However, if you would like to give me a present or two, I would like Shedd's 'Dogmatic Theology', Calvin's 'Old Testament Commentaries', and 'The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit' (the books, not the actual pulpit, I think Dr. Masters still needs it).
But enough about me, here's my gift to you.

Steve Camp, of Camponthis, is stirring up trouble by examining C. S. Lewis' theology.

Frank Turk, the Centuri0n, is making waves in the baptismal pool. This is a great discussion. Just be sure you know what you're getting yourself into if you comment. You may end up with a good old fashioned clowning.

Matt Gumm, at Still Reforming, promises to comment on some things I wrote about Calvinism. He also promises a review of the Chronicles Of Narnia. Check him out through the week.

Jason and Scott at Fide-O are drawing lines in the sand on the spiritual gifts. Personally, I'm not very impressed with Jason's offering here. But it's still a good read of typical cessationist arguments in my opinion.

Tim at Challies.com offers a better cessationist argument here and here and promises fair treatment for continuationists with an interview with Wayne Grudem.

John, The Earnest Contender, continues his series of Baptist distinctives.

Steve, of Pastor Steve Weaver fame, listed links to audio of his sermon series through Romans chapter 8. I might be biased, but I think Steve is the second greatest preacher in the world! He has also listed links to his manuscripts of the same series.

Chad Bresson (a.k.a. Breuss Wane), of The Vossed World, was ordained as an Elder at Clearcreek Chapel in Ohio. He posted a great quote from an ordination sermon by John Owen.

Brad Williams, the Sojourner, wants to know if any of you guys are going to the Together For The Gospel Conference. I was planning on going, but other circumstances have arisen that will require my vacation time in February. :-(

OK. I've boosted enough blogger's rankings in the TTLB for now. Be sure to check out all of these sites, as I think that you will be encouraged, challenged, edified, and rebuked by these guys.

Happy Birthday!


ThirstyDavid said...

Happy birthday, young feller! I suppose you'll want to start shaving soon.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I'll shave when you see a barber, David.
Actually, I attempting a beard right now. I've got about a week on it. I may post a picture so you guys can tell me what you think.

J. Wendell said...

Happy Birthday, Doxoblogist! How nice of you to recommend my blog. You're alright.

BTW - Rose says HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too!

Shawn L said...

Happy Birthday Redneck Calvinist,

I'm turning 31 on Thursday as well.

Gotta go pray,

centuri0n said...

There's an "old fashioned" clowning? I thought I had started a new thing.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I would like to do the clown thing here, but look at these guys! The clown face would be a step up for them!

Scott Hill said...

Happy birthday Dox. Sorry we didn't impress you over at Fide-0, but we figured if it ain't broke don't fix it.

We will try to be more fresh next time.

Jeremy Weaver said...

The problem with the arguments there is that are all based on a presupposition that the gifts have ceased.
In my mind, in order to argue for the cessationist view requires accepting some sort of prophetic revelation that the gifts have ceased which would negate the argument itself.
I'm not a cessationist or a charismatic. I'm still working on defining terms and Jason's post was helpful in some ways.
I also just commented on the latest post but failed to look to see who had written it.
It looks like a pretty good discussion is going to come out of this after all.

I appreciate you guys at Fide-O for your love of truth. But if you're wrong I'm going to tell you. And I know that you will do the same for me.

Jason E. Robertson said...

Jeremy, we were just suprised that you used the word presuppositions when I was developing my conclusions based on the exegesis of texts. No new prophecies are needed to tell us that new prophecies are not needed, because the Scripture already tells us what we need to know.

We are glad that you are working through this theology, but I ask you to not assume that historical theology should be dismissed because it has been around for twenty centuries and thus typical. I would suggest that you begin by studying the position of the Apologists of the third century when certain groups within Christianity tried to start a movement of speaking in tongues and prophecy that is similar to today's charismatic movement. The Apostolic fathers of the second century had already squashed all such heretical movements. Those generations following the Apostles knew that revelatory gifts had ceased, Scripture was complete, the Church was founded, and all theology must flow from the writings of the Scriptures. I would suggest reading "Heroes and Heretics" by Ian Campbell for more informative reading concerning this issue.

We will pick this subject back up at Fide-O after the new year. Have a Merry Christmas and keep a closed mind (closed within the canon). :)