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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sin: Origins, Outworking, and Outcome

In the next few posts we will be exploring the Biblical doctrine of sin. I have outlined this in three points,

Sin's Origin,

Sin's Outworking, and

Sin's Outcome.

The advantage to this outline is that it is easy to remember by the acrostic 'sososo'.

The outline really speaks for itself, doesn't it? Sin has its origin with Satan, who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It works itself out through our actions since by Adam's fall we are inherently sinful. And it's outcome is death, just as promised way back at the beginning of time.

There are four reasons I want to write about sin;

1) We need to see how 'exceedingly sinful sin is'.

2) We need to see God's Holiness as opposed to our sin.

3) We need to see our only hope in the sovereign grace of God, Who sent His Son to take the penalty of our sins in His own body.

4) We need to see the awesomeness of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ clearly displayed in His death and resurrection.


ResponsiveReader said...

I'll be anxious to see where you go with this. It is my personal opinion that getting men to see their sinfulness, and the SERIOUSNESS of sinfulness is the single hardest task of our generation. Not that it hasn't always been in some sense, but as you enter the Reformation for example, man's sinfulness was hugley and constantly reinforced by the Romanists - it was the righteousness of Christ imputed by faith which was so sorely missing. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit was come, He would convince the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. If we do not cooperate with the work He intends to do, then how will our's yield any true fruit? It won't. When any of these three matters is missing, the Gospel has been mutilated. Preach it up brother - we need to know our sin!

Jim said...

Perhaps you could crystalize this in a few statements on Daniel's Misconceptions of the 21st century.

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Jeremy Weaver said...

Thanks for your comments. Ignoring sin's 'sinfulness' in our preaching has given us a generation of unrepentant 'believers'.

Charlie Wallace said...

looking forward to it. I don't think mankind will ever fully grasp what our 'sin' has done and how it affects the world and even God and his wrath.

Steve Weaver said...

It will be good to hear about sin from an expert.