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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Post

I just noticed that I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday, and in my desire to be relevant to blog culture, it appears that I must post something now. How do you like the post so far? Hopefully it will get better as you read.

This isn't the first time I have tried my hand at stream-of-consciousness-spencerian blogging, however, it may surprise that this is actually going somewhere.

And we have now arrived at the point of the post:
Don't blog unless you actually have something to say. I hate it when my bloglines account says that I have four hundred new posts to read only to find that about one-tenth of those post are actually worth reading.

So, here's a list of people who can blog every single day.

Team Pyro can post any time they want.
Centuri0n can post once a day.
Steve Camp can post once a day. (I don't have time to read two 6,000 word posts in one day, and I really want to read it all.)
Chad Bresson can post whenever he wants.
Triablogue can post whenever they want, but they must only publish their posts once.
Fide-O can post whenever they want.
Daniel can post every day.
Moorhead can post every day.
Tom Ascol can post anytime he wants.

There are more that I want to list who can post everyday, and there are some who are very good about posting only when they have something to say, like Pastor Steve Weaver, J. Wendell and Matt Gumm. But if I listed those, then I would be too specific about who I am no longer allowing to post everyday. So check yourselves. Don't make me permanently revoke your blogging privileges.

Was that Turkian enough?


J. Wendell said...

Of course I would post something every day if I was as prolific a writer as you and quite a few others are. There's that flower of mine: Rose. I like it when you go and reason with her. I think you're very good about that. Now, where does she fit on your list? ;)

brother John
p.s. - thank's for the Thayer's link

Nathan said...

Isn't the point to get as many stats as possible? What's all this "post quality" nonsense? Not posting for a single day is the blogosphere equivalent of taking a six-month vacation. People just quit checking.

Especially if you're nothing but a multicellular microorganism, and I would know.

Daniel said...

woohoooo I am *so* going to abuse my new found freedom... ;-P

Rose~ said...

Hi Jeremy!
I am so surprised that I did not make your list! ;~)

J. Wendell,
I am still waiting for the "many things [that Jeremy has to say to me]." :~) Jeremy doesn't "reason with me" much anymore, he must've given up! (Jeremy - what I just said to J. Wendell ... that is called 'third-partying' ... if you read my blog anymore, you would know what I am talking about, I did a post on it last week)

:~) :~) :~)

Joe said...

Now you haven't posted since Sunday!

ambiance-five said...

lol..I feel priviledged to be able to post 7 times 7 if I wish.

Doesn't matter if I have anything to say.. and since I don't get read much I can even gossip to myself. I don't do that one much though.

marc said...

Thanks for including me in your lists Jeremy... oh wait, you didn't.

Jeremy Weaver said...

That's because I didn't list the bloggers who absolutely MUST blog 2-3 times every day, Marc.

Daniel said...

Marc, Marc, Marc... Your new improved blog gets more hits in two weeks than my blog has ever had in its entire history (no exageration either - 1000 hits a day - wow!) - Are you not are like David? your house is full of wives, do you covet this tiny "Bathsheba" link also? ;-D

Rose~ said...

still waiting

Gummby said...

It's not by choice--mostly just where my life is right now--other commitments and such. I'm just glad to know there are a few people who still read me.

J. Wendell said...

Hi Jeremy,

Get with it! Get relevant! Or get over to my blog and jump into the discussion.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

brother John

Sojourner said...

Darth Doxo,

I have found that in I have, for reasons beyond my control, forgotten to link you. Now, I can't figure out if you go in the "Undiscovered Genius" category or the "Discovered Genius" category. Decisions, decisions!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Maybe you could start a category of 'bloggers who have yet to discover their own genius'.

BugBlaster said...

Darth, when are you going to post again? I want to see you dance.