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Friday, February 17, 2006

Warning!!! Blogging May Be Hazardous For Your Spiritual Health!

There are many great things about the world of Blog. One advantage of the Blog is instant publication. Another is that we have unlimited space to put down our thoughts. Actually, space is a little more constricted for some bloggers (coughstevehayscoughgenebridgescough), but these are the exception.

There are many who bloggers who have something to say that we all need to hear, some who have something that some need to hear, some who have some certain things that some need to hear, and others (like me) who like to hear themselves talk. (Right now in my mind I am saying to myself, "Everyone needs to read this!")

Which brings me to the meat of what I want to say to all of us who are not in that first category of bloggers who have something to say that everyone needs to hear (We know who we are and is that a run-on sentence?). The message I have for us all is this, "Have a little humility and be teachable."

It never ceases to amaze me how many times I have seen a blogger with some far out interpretation of a text hold onto that interpretation no matter how ridiculous it is proven by others to be. The problem, in my opinion, goes back to the instant publication thing. It seems that we say things before we think them through, and then, for fear of a perception of weakness, feel compelled to defend our ridiculous statements no matter what.

There is one blogger I am thinking of who goes around to every blog, spewing out his/her ridiculous notions on the Gospel, only to have them totally destroyed on every blog, and yet this blogger grows more determined to salvage his/her 'gospel' and force it down everyone else's throats.

This isn't a bunch of post-modern mumbo-jumbo here. Au contraire! Defend truth! Love the Word of God! But have a teachable spirit as you do. We all have blind spots. We are all at different points in our sanctification. Read James 3:2.

Furthermore, some people know more than me! You knew that, but I needed to be reminded, and now I will remind you, there are those who know more than you. Listen to those who have clearly progressed further than us in the Christian life, both in the truth and deeds. Comment on their blogs. Ask the hard questions. Tell them what you think. And then listen to what they say and judge it by Scripture. You might learn something. I know I have.


Steve Weaver said...

Good post! Good advice!

Daniel said...

I concur, this was a fine post - good for my spiritual health.

One of the reasons the Lord allows obstinate people to continue in their confused gospel is to sharpen the true gospel. Nothing shakes the dust off like having to suddenly pull the sword out and use it.

I praise the Lord for every "whacko" gospel interpretation that comes down the pipe. It has this wonderful effect of separating the wheat from the chaff.

Jonathan Moorhead said...


Antonio said...


Why not just come out and say it that Jonathan Moorhead is who you are talking about!

J. Wendell said...

Hey Jeremy,

Wait, I better think this through.

Cheerfully in Christ,
brother John

Jeremy Weaver said...

This is something I have been convicted of myself. I'm trying to listen more and respond less, as you may have noticed in the infrequency of comments.
So all you guys, If I'm not responding it's because I agree with you or do not think my disagreement to be important enough to stir up a stink.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Wipe that silly grin off your face!

BugBlaster said...

Ha. My greatest fear in blogging or commenting is to say something that's really off, and then be unable to draw it back. Thanks for this.