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Saturday, March 18, 2006

An E-mail From Someone I Don't Know

Someone who hates me has put me on a mailing list. That's O. K. because I just received notification that I will be removed if I do not respond to his latest e-mail. Good riddance.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but the 'Retired Baptist Preacher, Who Is, James McCutchan', really stepped on my last nerve with his latest e-mail. He was fine at first, and so I didn't immediately remove myself from his mailing list. He would send sermons on the Doctrines of Grace (that's code for Calvinism among Fundamentalist Baptists) that I rather enjoyed.
Gradually though, the e-mails I have received have been about how the U. S. is being used to bring about the end-times apostasy and other Tim Lahaye type Dispensationalist Premillenialism at it's worst.

His last e-mail was about how President Bush is the Anti-Christ. Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar, if you know what I mean. Good grief.

I suppose I must now talk about myself and why this is especially appalling to me.
Growing up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Pastor's/Missionary's home, I heard a lot of this in my youth. DISCLAIMER: My father is not being referred to here. My father is an Independent Baptist Pastor who does not fit the stereo-type. He is an expository preacher who does not preach from the headlines as many Independent Baptist preachers do. (BTW, He pastors Way Of Life Baptist Church in Titusville, FL if you are close to there and need a church home.) My father never fell into the snare of trying to make the Book of Revelation his only book to preach from. But many of the Camp-meetings and 'Revival' Services we attended featured such preaching.
As far as the Anti-Christ goes, from Kissinger, to Gorbachev, to Bin Laden, I thought I had heard it all. Evidently not. The true identity of the Anti-Christ has been revealed at long last! It's George W. Bush. More Kit-Kat please.

The Retired Baptist Preacher, Who is, James McCutchan, comes to this conclusion by clear exegesis of the Biblical text. NOT! He comes to this conclusion by citing an Executive Order signed into law by President Clinton. Then his brilliant eisegesis of that text really kicks in. This is a thing of beauty. He says,
"President William Jefferson Clinton wrote one EO that can cover all of these. He wrote Executive Order 12919 on June 3, 1994, which was released on June 6, 1994. This EO will be the only thing needed to be enacted in order for the U.S. president to become a fully empowered dictator. It covers all of the EOs mentioned previously. The only thing this EO doesn't do is define WHAT the "national emergency" would have to be in order for this EO to be signed. Please keep that in mind. Anything can be declared a national emergency to facilitate EO 12919 being enacted."
Next, he applies this to Bush and says,
"It is quite plausible the United States has had it's last Presidential election."
Then, under a picture of President Bush, he writes,
"And he (the beast) shall confirm the covenant with many (Daniel 9:27)
This could be that man!?"
As though a President of the U. S. could automatically become dictator of the world by making himself dictator of the U. S.

Leave the speculation alone preachers. You'll know the Anti-Christ when he appears. But don't worry about that now. We have the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to proclaim among the heathen. How about we focus on that for a little while?


Jonathan Moorhead said...

You would think some people would learn from history. Then again, maybe that's evidence that they know no history.

Jeremy Weaver said...


Bhedr said...

They say when Satan fell from heaven, he fell into the choir loft. You know brother...sometimes I think he bounces around with all of us. I am raised Independent Baptist and unfortunately I have fallen both prey of this and been both perpetrator of things like this. Lord forgive me and Lord forgive us all of the hurt we throw on one another and let us be ever careful to despise not our authorities. I certainley wouldn't want to be George Bush right now. Phew. He has a full plate. And even now with Iran and all.

D.J. Cimino said...

I voted for the anti-christ! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!! Is THAT the REAL unpardonable sin????!!!!????