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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funniest Post(s) Of The Week!

If you don't read the Riddleblog...shame on you! Kim Riddlebarger has some great expositions of Mark, Galatians, and Job. He also offers great insight into the world of theology and culture. But I like mostly because he's hilarious (pronounced: high-liar-ree-us).

Here it is only Wednesday and he's already put up two of the funniest posts outside of 'Purgatoridom' that I've seen in a while.

I was going to link to this on Monday, but I tried to get you guys to read your Bibles instead. Check out this new game.

'The latest post' is this quote from Louis Berkhoff.


Joe said...

So I went over to Riddleblog and you are correct!

He is funny!

It's sort of a droll funnyness, but well worth reading.

I think I will place him on my blogroll.

Can I have jelly with that?

Jeremy Weaver said...

I like lots of butter on mine.