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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Introduction: Paul has defended his Apostleship clearly and emphatically in chapter 1, but there arises a question among the Galatians. If Paul preached his Gospel and men were sent from James to preach another Gospel, didn't that mean that there are two Gospels? Paul responds to this question with a resounding "NO!" There is only one Gospel. He shows this in three ways, 1) By his converts, 2) By exposing false brothers, 3) By his meeting with the other Apostles.
Paul tells the Galatians first, that he was not summoned to Jerusalem, but that a revelation from God showed him that he should go to meet with the Apostles. This is to remind the Galatians that he was not subject to the other Apostles. His purpose in this journey was to assure all parties concerned that his Gospel and Jerusalem's Gospel were the same.

I. Paul's Converts
A. An Example
B. Circumcision Not Required
II. False Brothers Exposed
A. Their Purpose
1. To spy out Christian liberty
2. To enslave Christians to the Law
B. Their Denial
C. Purpose Of The Apostles
III. Meeting The Apostles
A. Paul Was Their Equal verses 6-8
B. Paul Was Their Brother verse 9
C. Paul Was Their Friend verse 10
Conclusion: Paul's mission was, and our mission as well should be to preserve the truth of the Gospel. The Gospel is not only our gift from God, it our debt to God. The Gospel is not owed to man, because it did not originate with man, does not belong to man, and man does not deserve it. Rather, the grace of God constrains us to keep it pure and proclaim it to every man, that God may be glorified in, by and through it.


bluecollar said...

Good job.

Steve Weaver said...

Good stuff on Galatians! Keep up the good work in your Sunday School class!