Old Doxoblogy

Friday, March 24, 2006


Introduction: The truth of the Gospel is not only a doctrine to be guarded, it is also a way of life for the Christian.

I. Characteristics Of The Gospel Centered Life
A. Free
B. Fearless
II. A Common Salvation
A. Jews Were Covenant People
B. Gentiles Were Outside Of This Community
C. Both Are Saved By Faith Alone
1. Both Are Sinners
2. Both Need Imputed Righteousness
III. Living The Gospel
A. Not Rebuilding The Sin Nature
B. Embracing The Cross
C. God's Means Of Justification
Conclusion: The Christian life is a life characterized by faith. Law will never save us, keep us, or advance us in the Christian life. Our only hope, as it has ever been, is the cross of Christ. We have been crucified with Christ and now Christ lives in us as we live by faith in Him.

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