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Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Easter Hymn

Who Is This That Comes From Edom?

Who is this that comes from Edom,
All His garments stained with blood;
To the slave proclaiming freedom;
Bringing and bestowing good;
Glorious in the garb He wears,
Glorious in the spoils He bears?

'Tis the Savior, now victorious
Traveling onward in His might;
'Tis the Savior, O how glorious
To His people is the sight!
Jesus now is strong to save,
Mighty to redeem the slave.

Why that blood His raiment staining?
'Tis the blood of many slain;
Of His foes there's none remaining,
None the contest to maintain:
Fallen they are, no more to rise,
All their glory prostrate lies.

This the Savior has effected
By His mighty arm alone;
See the throne for Him erected;
'Tis an everlasting throne:
'Tis the great reward He gains,
Glorious fruit of all His pains.

Mighty Victor, reign forever,
Wear the crown so dearly won;
Never shall thy people, never
Cease to sing what Thou hast done;
Thou hast fought Thy people's foes;
Thou wilt heal Thy people's woes.

Words: Thomas Kelly, 1809.
Music: Albert Lister Peace, 1844.
To hear the tune click here.


Joe said...

Dynomite lyric!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this music with the tune and words. I have been a longtime organist, yet never had heard either. Beautiful...just reminds how that 'at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow... and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to the glory of God the Father. Happy Easter... HE is risen!!!

Joe said...

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!