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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TULIP For Dummies

Total Depravity-You can't do it by yourself. Even if you could, you don't want to.

Unconditional Election-God didn't see something in you that He wanted. He saw something in you that deserved death.

Limited Atonement-Is there anyone in hell? They weren't included.

Irresistible Grace-God followed you home and you closed the door. Then God rang the doorbell and you opened the door.

Perseverance of the Saints-You still believe and repent daily. If you stop believing then you don't have faith.


ThirstyDavid said...

Looks good to me. I wonder if most Calvinists would object to your I, with you opening your own door.

Joe said...

I feel better, now that I've had it explained on my level.

Jeremy Weaver said...

They might, but they'd be wrong. What I tried to convey was that Even aginst all of our rebellion, God triumphs. And yet He does it in such a way that I choose Him. I don't think that is anything other than the historic Calvinist position.

BTW, I changed the title from 'Idiots' to 'Dummies', because I slept on it and idiots just sounded too inflammatory. I don't think any of you are idiots. However, I do think that some of you might be dummies.:-)

Jeremy Weaver said...

Glad your feeling good, Joe.

Rose~ said...

Hi Jeremy,
What's TULIP? I never heard of it before.
This was funny. :~)

ThirstyDavid said...

I agree with that, Jeremy. I believe we do open the door, and that we are powerless to resist doing so.

By the way, thanks for the promotion. My wife will be pleased. What's the next step up from "dummy?"

BugBlaster said...

He meant me. I'm the dummy.

This was pretty good Jeremy. Even I understood it.

kec said...

Like a lot of people, I was raised with the idea that God chose me because he saw that I would choose him. The analogy of a doorway was often given -- I had to walk through the doorway, but having done so, if I looked back would see my name on written on that side of the door -- God always knew I'd do it.


I saw this recently. It's done more to help me really grasp total depravity than anything else I've seen.

Joe said...

Uh, were you referring to me in that last comment? I mean we both know david is no dummy, and since there were only two of us commenting (excluding you, of course, by virtue of it being your blog), that leaves me.

But I wear the label proudly.

pilgrim said...

Actually the Holy Spirit comes in the back door and leads you to answer the front door when the bell rings.

Jeremy Weaver said...

For the record, no one who commented here is a dummy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have commented here.

Actually 'Dummies' refers to the same people all those books are written for.

Jeremy Weaver said...


bobby grow said...

Calvinist's Practical Syllogism:

• Major premise: If effectual grace is manifested in me by good works, then I am elect.

• Minor premise (practical): I manifest good works.

• Conclusion: Therefore, I am one of the elect.

Jeremy's Perseverance of the Saints:

"Perseverance of the Saints-You still believe and repent daily. If you stop believing then you don't have faith."

Pretty parallel ideas being communicated here--both lead to an un-healthy introspection--but given the anthropology that gives Calvinism shape, it all makes sense.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Are you saying that if you stop believing that you have faith? I don't see anything about good works in this comment. Clearly Perseverance of the Saints is based upon Faith and Repentance. All who truly repent and believe are saved and will persevere. If at any time anyone stops believing that is a sign that they never had true faith to begin with.
And if someone 'repents' of their 'repentance', does that not also show that they were never truly repentant to start with?

rpkinmd said...

David Kjos said ... (12:16 AM) :
Looks good to me. I wonder if most Calvinists would object to your I, with you opening your own door.

This Calvanist had the same reaction. Maybe you opened the door and slammmed it in His face many many times before the HS changed your heart. JMHO.