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Monday, May 01, 2006

Galatians 3:26-4:7

Introduction: Paul so far has told us that the law cannot justify, produce miracles, or produce the Spirit. (3:1-9) The law has placed us under a curse. (3:10-14) The law is inferior to the promises of God. (3:15-18) The law has a definite purpose in confining all under sin, in order to bring us to Christ. (3:19-25) Now Paul will show us how the law functions as our guardian till the Seed (Christ) to whom the promise had been made is revealed. The great climax of redemptive history is shown to be the advent of God's Son, born in the flesh, made under the law, so that He might redeem all those who were under the law. As such, we have been unified with Him so that we may inherit the promises made to Abraham, and become the heirs of God.

I. Sons Of Abraham
A. Christ the True Seed Verse 16

B. Baptized into Christ Verse 27 Romans 6:3-6, 11
1. Put on Christ (Clothed with Christ)
2. One in Christ Verse 28
a. Jew, Greek, Slave, Free, Male, Female are united in Christ
b. Racism, Classes, and Sexism (feminism and chauvinism) are all contrary to the Gospel

C. If you are Christ's
1. Abraham's seed Verse 29
2. Heirs of the promise Verse 29 3:7, 9
Those who have faith are the heirs of Abraham! Not the physical descendants.
II. Sons Of God 4:1-7
A. Our Childhood Verses 1-3
1. We were Slaves Verses 1, 3
The elements of the world: The building blocks. The law is referred to in this context. Later in verse 9 the phrase is used to refer to false gods.
2. Under Guardians and Stewards Verse 2

B. The True Son Verses 4-5
1. Born in the flesh Verse 4
2. Born as a slave Verse 4
3. To redeem slaves Verse 5
4. For our adoption Verse 5

C. Since we are adopted sons Verses 6-7
1. Spirit of the Son Verse 6
2. Crying Abba! Verse 6
3. No longer slaves Verse 7
4. Heirs of God Verse 7 Eph 1:1-14
Conclusion: We are urged towards faith in Christ. Let us not turn back from the reality to the picture. We are to put on Christ, being clothed in Him and His righteousness alone. By so doing we are sons of Abraham and sons of God, heirs of the promises and of every spiritual blessing in Christ.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Jeremy, what do you think about the view that the book of Galatians is not about justification but sanctification?

Joe said...

"Free from the law, o happy condition; Jesus has died and there is remission..."

Words from an old hymn.

Great post!

I love how Romans gives us pictures of both salvation and damnation, each time taking salvation higher and damnation lower.

What a book!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Thanks Joe!

I somewhat agree with that view. But we must remember that our Sanctification is rooted in our Justification. So Paul goes to the source of Sanctification, our Justification, in order to set the Judaizers and the Galatians straight.
I guess I should write a post on that since this could turn into a very long comment.

Tomorrow's post:
Galatians, Justification, and Sanctification.