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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not Another Group Blog!!!

Well, this one's O. K. because I'm in it!
My brother and Pastor, Steve Weaver, of Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog fame, has opened a new blog for members of the church we attend to converse about church matters. Topics are likely to range from Church Reformation, Preaching, Worship, Theology, Missions and maybe some other stuff.

contributors are:
Steve Weaver D. J. Cimino
David Rosati
Charles Henderson? (Still hasn't responded.)

See what you miss by moving away Jeff?

Feel free to stop by and join the conversation. We've only been going a couple of days, but are starting to get a feel for the format. The address for the new blog is:

For more info on the new blog click here.

1 comment:

Jeff Wright said...

Well shucks. I don't get in and I didn't find out about it on time?

Man, I wouldn't have moved away...


*Adding it to my RSS Reader*