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Monday, June 05, 2006

An Expanded Commentary On Galatians

Some of you will remember that I once had a blog where I attempted to put together a running commentary on the book of Galatians. I removed that blog and saved all of my pathetic little musings in a Word Document.
Now that I am nearly through with my exposition of Galatians in our Sunday School Class (only three more lessons to go!), I have begun to expand upon my original commentary and hopefully will be able to make it more useful to others who are interested in the message of Paul's letter to the Galatians.
I will post these updated sections as I complete them, mainly in sections as I have divided them for preaching. This will be a continuing work where I hope to eventually include exegetical information so that it might eventually become an expositional commentary that is both exegetical and devotional.
After the initial posting of these commentaries I will simply update the posts as they 'evolve' from my haphazard musings to more readable and edifying study tools.

First post tomorrow morning!

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