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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

My dad is the greatest dad of all time.

As a tribute to him I have decided to list ten things that I learned form him.

These are not the most important things I have learned, and they are not listed in any particular order, but they are ten things.

Ten Things I Learned From My Dad

1. 1955-1957 were very good years for Chevrolet.

2. The same person who brought you into this world can take you out of this world.

3. God gave some people good looks, the rest He gave hair.

4. If you work hard you can eat good.

5. For every action there is an equal and opposite retribution.

6. You can own a television and still go to Heaven.

7. Preaching is expositional.

8. The Church is an organism, not an organization.

9. The world doesn't revolve around me.

10. A life of service to God is not a wasted life.


Garry Weaver said...

You sure didn't learn much about taking pictures. That can't be me. It looks like a pig that has been eating powdered sugar doughnuts.

BTW thanks for the nice words. I think you beat Steve on this one.

bluecollar said...

Great thoughts, Jeremy.

Howcome your dad looks to be my age?

Jeremy Weaver said...

I guess because you're both _____! (you can fill in the blank)

Rose~ said...

Great lessons! I really enjoyed reading them.

DJ Cimino said...

Good stuff Jeremy!

Gummby said...

So true about the Chevys. My dad drove a '56 for years--still love that car.