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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Template Change!

I'm going to get back to my posts on the law, but I wanted to let the Riddlebarger interview marinate a couple of days. So I started messing with the template instead of working on any new posts.

I got this template from Thur, with a hat tip to Peter who will eventually be added to the blgoroll. I'm not done modifying, but I thought it was good enough to publish for now.

Give me some feedback on it. I like having my kids on the banner up top, but I had to stretch and squash the picture, so that's not how they really look. And I'm not all that happy with the way that banner looks. If you could see the kids clearly, I would leave just for that reason, but since you can't, I'll probably change it.

BTW, I also received a couple of questions in my email that I will answer in the week or so. If you guys have any questions, then send them in!


marc said...

I like the new template Jeremy. Good interview with Kim too.

DJP said...

Very clean looking template. Same errant nonsense, of course -- but clean!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Funny guy!

But since Marc doesn't want to be a contributor any more, maybe you would?

DJP said...

Give you money?

Anonymous said...

Nice look of course you know my preference for the darker look. :)

Also like the picture of the children but you know with just a few minor tweaks I'm sure you can achieve the look you desire with the banner.


Steve Weaver said...

Looks good. I think the banner is fine the way it is. It reminds me of Ian Clary's "Ruminations by the Lake". You have to see his in IE view though if you have Firefox (at least I do).