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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Good stuff from Dr. Kevin Bauder. Read it.


Joe said...

I just read your August 10th post and I will respond here on the assumption that my response is more likely to be read where than way back there.

I like you.

You are one of a few bloggers I'd really like to meet some day.

Do I gree with you all of the time?

Not on your life!

I don't even agree with myself all of the time.

But I agree with you MOST of the time, which is much more than I agree with most people...most of the time.

bluecollar said...

That was powerfull! Dr. Bouder was intellectually honest and I appreciated that.

Rose~ said...

I knew I recognized that name and then I remembered - the Central Baptist Theological Seminary. How did you run across that?

Jeremy Weaver said...

He posts regularly at the Sharper Iron site. This popped up in my reader a couple of days ago.

D.J. Cimino said...

good stuff. thanks for sharing.

Joe said...

I agree with Dr. Bauder. I've tried to express that viewpoint, but not as well as he.

Now we must learn to bicker over whether or not we should bicker over theological points of view.

J. Wendell said...

Hi Brother,
Another very good publication by Dr. Bauder can be read
here. It gives some more detail and better reflects many ideas I think we share.

I can't stand reading from the computer screen so I just printed it out and gave it a read.

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of blogdom.

Bhedr said...

Wow! That is really a good article.

Can this be honerable done though?
>If an organization has an anti‐Calvinistic statement of faith, then a Calvinist should stay out of it. He should not join it and then begin to plead for toleration of his views. That is dishonest and subversive.

Likewise, if an organization has a Calvinistic statement of faith (such as the New Hampshire Confession, which places regeneration logically prior to faith in the ordo salutis), then an Arminian should not join it. An anti‐Calvinist who joins such a fellowship has no moral right to expect to be left alone. He is being dishonest and subversive.<

OK brother...I will leave you alone and not try to change your mind being the biblicist that I am

:-) (sticking nose up in the air now)

Seriously brother I really appreciate you as well as this article and I pray all of us can lay down our "non-Calvinist" or your a "Semi-Pelagian" banter.

Been guilty of both. Ah purge...purge! Now is the time to do so. We have an Arminian amnesty period going on here.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

August 12? Where are you Jeremy?

marc said...

Jeremy,,, ? Jeremy... Are you there?

bluecollar said...

Jeremy's readers are beginning to have a pity party.

Steve Weaver said...

Ok, we all read the article. Now what?

Rose~ said...

I read the article when you first posted it and had thought about it ever since so much that I posted some thoughts on it yesterday at my blog. FYI