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Monday, October 30, 2006

New Links

Here's a few new links that are being added to the blogroll.
The Reluctant Puritan
Al Mohler's Blog and Commentary
Steve Green's Journal
Darrell Bock's Blog
Grantian Florilegium
Waterless Places
Strange Baptist Fire
Together For The Gospel


Jonathan Moorhead said...

It's good to see the Reluctant Puritan back in the game.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link

Nathan said...

Thanks for the link. I'm (slowly) in the process of transferring my nateNotes posts into Waterless Places, and will eventually delete nateNotes entirely. Feel free to kill the link anytime.

Nice to be linked by a Tennessean.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Kevin and Nate,

See how long my blogroll is? I'll link anybody.

I remember reading some of Kevin's comments around different places a while back. He always seemed to get into about as much trouble as me and you do, so I had to link him.

Why ain't I linked as a favorite blog? Doxoblogy is a lot better than Frank's blog. He doesn't even post anymore, except for the occasional 'This Is Where I Am Now'™ post.

Nathan said...

Jeremy: Because I hate you.

(One of my favorite movie quotes.)