Old Doxoblogy

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Before the world began,
As yet there was no man,
God sat upon His throne,
For He is God alone.

He spoke and by His hand,
Created earth, sea, sand.
Man He made to be free,
To worship only He.

In the garden man fell,
Condemned the world to hell.
Adam said "All is lost!"
Yet God will pay the cost.

Behold, a Redeemer,
The Word, Son, and Saviour.
God sent Emmanuel,
On Him His vengeance fell.

Three days, three nights had passed,
and then God spoke again,
"Awake, my Son, awake!"
At His voice worlds did quake.

Arose the Son, the Word,
Glorified, He is Lord.
Seated by God's right hand,
"Repent!" is His command.

Those who place trust in Him,
The Lord does not condemn.
And so I bid you, "Come!"
to God's beloved Son.


ThirstyDavid said...

Very nicely done, Jeremy.

Garry Weaver said...

Good one, Jeremy!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Like the new look to the blog Jeremy. BTW if this is where you set the bar I am really in trouble. I can barely do limricks.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I think I have sufficiently proven that there are no standards for post quality here.

bluecollar said...

What "thirstydavid" said.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

DOGpreacher said...

I truly enjoyed it Doxo! Hears one of mine.

My Conversion.....And Yours!


I was born in sin,
a curse of "the fall",
Not I alone.....
but humanity.....all.

My trajectory was downward,
As only it could be;
'Til His hand caught my falling soul,
Graciously revealing Himself to me.

I saw my sin...
my state...my plight,
Then turning from darkness,
I ran to light.

By grace, through faith,
I have been set free;
No longer a slave to sin,
But to the One Who's blood bought me.

Before the foundation of the world,
He chose me, in Him to abide;
Then with irresistable grace,
Did draw me to His side.

And so, fearing not,
I now stand;
So safely cupped,
In those nail-scarred hands.

With God for me,
Whom shall I fear;
As He preserves me,
I persevere!

In His Hand,
The DOGpreacher

Yes, this is my conversion I wrote about, but it easily could have been yours also. Notice that there is nothing personal about this testimony to God's saving grace that links it only to me (or anybody else). Quite frankly...this is simply what happens to every one who has ever been born from above (born again).