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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Guys, I'm no politician. I don't enjoy politics. Yet I try to stay fairly well informed.
That being said, I'm not the guy who watches Hardball, Hannity and Colmes, or the O'Reilly Factor every night. During election season I try to get a pretty good picture of all of the candidate's positions, and then vote my conscience.
As I have seen, read, or heard news from various sources, it seems as though many conservatives are turning against the President. I find this interesting because he's not up for re-election this year. And yet he is continually being attacked by the Democrats. And now it seems as though Republicans are buying into the arguments of the Democrats.
I don't like the way Iraq is turning out any more then anyone else. I'm sure President Bush doesn't like the way Iraq is turning out. And yet, when I consult my conscience, I find that I still support our President and the war in Iraq.
To allow Saddam Hussein to remain in power would have been unthinkable. The spread of freedom in the Middle East is still a noble cause. And to retreat in the face of ruthless, murdering, terrorists is one thing that I am not willing to do.
And let me tell you what I think is going on with the President's approval ratings. America doesn't care whether Iraq was a bad idea, policy or whatever. America doesn't care whether North Korea has a nuclear bomb. America doesn't care whether Iran has the technology to develop weapons of mass destruction. North Korea and Iran are little kids trying to play big boy games. America doesn't care whether or not weapons of mass destruction were/are found in Iraq. America is angry because we have not won the war in Iraq.
We all need to step back for a moment, look at the situation that we are in as a nation, consult our consciences, and remember that we don't go to war if we are unwilling to win that war. Retreat is not an option. Troop withdrawal is not an option. Occupation is not an option. Our only option is winning, but we cannot win unless we back our President in this war. To do otherwise is to undermine those who are fighting to win in Iraq. So we must resolve to have the backbone to finish what we've started. End of story.
And that is my sad little foray into politics.


ThirstyDavid said...

Well said, Jeremy.

What would the outcome of WWII have been if Americans had behaved as they are now?

Rose~ said...

I agree Jeremy! We must stay and win. If we let terrorists and Muslim extremists push us one inch, the fight will be bigger and uglier than it is now.

John Rush said...


I agree that we must win in Iraq.

But I am disgusted with the Republicans (Congress and President Bush) for the following reasons (not in order of priority):

1. Nothing accomplished on illegal immigration.
2. Planning to use biometrics or RFID on all Americans (putting Big Brother on steroids), and using point #1 as an excuse to make this mind-boggling power grab: the REAL ID Act.
3. Passing "Campaign Finance Reform" that undermines the very purpose of the 1st Amendment.
4. Accomplishing nothing toward privatizing Social Security.
5. Increasing the entitlements program.
6. Failing to protect the sanctity of marriage at the Constitutional level.
And other concerns...

Where is a freedom-loving conservative to go?

The Republicans deserve to lose, yet we can't afford for the Democrats to win.


(Third Party anyone?)

D.J. Cimino said...

I am all for a third party...