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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Weak Update

We went onshore to Jamaica today to do some shopping. We were harrassed quite a bit by the locals who wanted totake us on tours, but never felt threatened in any way. To be honest, my wife was very concerned about the trip, but I'm a Calvinist.

Which makes me think...How do the 'free-willers' make it through life? I don't think I could live with the uncertainty that being an Arminian entails. As a Calvinist, I can say with the Apostle Paul that no matter what happens, God is still in control and is working all things together for my good, and, more importantly, for His own Glory. So if the boat sinks, if sickness comes, if there is bodily harm, persecution, trials, even death itself am a conqueror in Christ. Not that God takes these bad situations and makes them good, but that through the death of Christ, sinking, sickness, persecution and death become my friends. They are the path to victory for the Christian, because, ultimately, they are for the Christians good and God's glory.

We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.


Jan Weaver said...

I hope you took us lots of pictures and I hope you took a picture of an eagle. We hope you ate to much. I hope you took a picture of the American flag. I hope you have fun being on your trip. I love you, Daniel

I hope you have video taped a whale. What kind of pictures do you have so far? How many islands have you been to? I already know you have been to Jamica. Write back if you see an alligator or whale. Love, David

Have a great time! Love, Mama

Jeremy Weaver said...

We haven't seen an eagle yet. But we are taking lots of pictures!

We still haven't seen any whales. We have been to 2 Islands, Grand Caymon and Jamaica.

I love you both!

Magaly Weaver said...

Hi kids! I miss you so much. I have taken so many pictures. David I took a picture of a caiman(alligator) and Daniel I have taken a picture of a turtle for you. I think you will love the video and the presents we are bringing you. Love Mommy