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Friday, November 03, 2006

Concluding Remarks

Today at 3:00pm I'm heading down to Tampa FL to leave on the Alpha and Omega/Audience One/Sovereign Grace Singles(?!) Caribbean Cruise. So while I'm gone, Peter and D. J. will probably be posting over here. Be nice to them. They're not quite as abrasive as I am.

I thought up a few questions to ask James White and Steve Camp, while we're on the ship.

For James White;
Why are you afraid to debate the Caner boys?
Why did you let Dave Hunt win?
Why did you let Norman Geisler win?

For Steve Camp;
Why did you sell out to the Contemporary Christian Music Industry?
Don't you think your songs should be more theological in nature?
Why are you afraid to say what you really believe?

In case you've lived in a cave the past ten years and did not click on the links, those questions are jokes. And, No, I probably won't ask them, except for maybe the Caner question.

I'll be back on the 13th or 14th. For updates see the Pulpit Crimes blog.


D.J. Cimino said...

I hope you all have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself. Don't mind us just sitting here alone in the dark. :)