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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Incarnation

Well I have nothing profound to say here.  I'm suffering from writers block whether that be coding or standard writing.  However, I do know that its only a few days until Christmas.  And some of you maybe in that panic mode at this point in time.  I haven't bought Great Aunt Hortense's gift yet!  What are we going to do she'll cut us out of her will!  Or you maybe in that righteous indignation mode because someone has sent you a "Holiday" card.  Don't they know its CHRISTmas!  And of course the flip side to that: Christmas is just another pagan holiday how dare you celebrate that!

Uff Da!  Take a minute and listen (yes I said listen) to a sermon given by my pastor Perry Tinklenberg on the Word made flesh.   On that page is also a link to the MP3 file which you can save to your computer for later.


God bless and Merry Christmas,



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Jonathan Moorhead said...

Merry Christmas!