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Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Treasures

The Book of Origins, by Philip Eveson.

Exodus, PTW, by Philip Graham Ryken.

2 Samuel, by Dale Ralph Davis.

Dogmatic Theology, by W. G. T. Shedd.

Covenant and Eschatology, by Michael Scott Horton.

And by the way, Christianbook.com has E. J. Young's three volume Commentary on Isaiah for $17.99, so I'm probably ordering that as well.

And a special thank you to my wife, Magaly, for finishing the Luther sermon for me this evening. I meant to post the last part on Christmas day, but after I finished I decided to add a picture and a Merry Christmas. While the the picture was uploading the power on my computer shut off and I lost the whole post. By that time the kids were already up and ready to open presents so I figured I would finish it (again!) another day, and this is the first day I've been on the 'puter, aside from checking my Bloglines account and email.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Happy New Year!


bluecollar said...

Happy New Year to the fine writers at DOXOBLOGY and their families.

pilgrim said...

Happy New Year...
Sounds like a good haul of gifts.
That's the problem for me--my family isn't likely to buy me MORE books...

Jeremy Weaver said...

It was a great haul, and I almost forgot the best one!
My dad had one of his old preaching bibles enclosed in a glass case and opened to a passage he wanted me to remember. He also put a note in the case that says some very nice (and very untrue) things about me. I've got it prominently displayed one my highest quality bookshelf under 'Interpretative Issues' and above 'Dead Theologians'.