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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Full Version Of Yo-Yo Knot Game

When I was asked at random to provide the instructions for a game involving tying a yo-yo string in knots just to see if I could get them out, (see profile), I was amazed! I've been playing this game for years! I am a preacher's kid who was in church every time the janitor showed up! Obviously I needed something to occupy my time. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop," papa used to say. So I invented this game. Hope all you out there in blogdom enjoy!
1st, Starting at the part of the string closest to the Yo,(you know, the thing that goes up and down), begin tying knots, one right after another. When you reach the end of the string there should be no portion of the string left untied.
2nd, Roll the knotted string up on the yo-yo. Yo-yo 13.7648929 times, no more, no less.
3rd, Unwind the string from the yo-yo. Starting at the very first knot you tied, begin untying careful not to skip of any knots. WARNING! ALL KNOTS MUST BE UNTIED IN THE SAME ORDER THEY WERE TIED OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM ANY FUTURE YO-YO STRING KNOT UNTYING COMPETITIONS AND YOUR YO-YO WILL BE CONFISCATED.
Finally, When you reach the end of the string on a 4x6 index card write your name, date and time (including seconds) you finished, your email address, social security number, date of birth, name of closest living relative, home cell and work phone numbers area code last, home address, one major credit card number including three digit code and pin, bank routing number and checking account number, and mail to the address below.

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