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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Book Review

Look!! I'm not the only one who read Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, by Bruce Ware. Challies read it too. You can read his review here.


Joe said...

I came across your blog while "bloglinking" (my term for going from link-to-link-to-link). It is a fine blog, but only adds to my addiction. I tried the 12-step program, but got hung up on the period following the number 1 of step one.One of your commenters said you are wierd. Well, God bless wierdness! In His Name, Joe

Joe said...

By the way, I was born in and live in Florida. I'm still trying to figure out whether I have been insulted. Hmmm.

Jeremy Weaver said...

As is the nature of bloggers, I seem to run off at the mouth a lot. Any insult is unintended. I recognize that there are exceptions to every rule, and, as concerning Florida, you are probably that exception. Thanks for commenting.