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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We're Back!

We made it back from Florida last night about 9:00pm. It's nice to have a couple of days off, but I'm glad to be back.
I preached Sunday morning at the church where my dad is the Pastor, Way Of Life Baptist, in Titusville. I preached on Justification by Faith, out of Galatians 3:1-14. It seemed to go over pretty well, I guess I left something out. No, the people are pretty grounded in the Word of God. My dad has been preaching Calvinistic expository sermons through books of the Bible there since he arrived about 5-6 years ago. So if they don't know about justification by faith by now, they haven't been listening.
Well, it's good to be home and I've got a lot of ideas for blogs: TULIP, biographical sketches, and various other theological topics. If I need to clarify something in these upcoming blogs, or if I need to be reprimanded, use the comments button. I can take it. From some of you anyway. I may or not respond, depending on the seriousness of the topic, personal feelings, or if I delete your comment. Can I get an, "AMEN"?


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Your wife said amen!

Jan Weaver said...

Very well written. Just one correction-your father has been at Way of Life for seven and a half years. Oh yeah Amen.