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Saturday, August 06, 2005

An Apology

Just looking over my blog entries this past week and felt the need to apologize.

I apologize for the weak content of my posts this past week. I would promise to do better, except I'm probably won't. However, I will try.

I apologize to all those who were linked in this week's posts (dead or alive).

I apologize to those who may have read these posts this week, for wasting your time.

I apologize for doing this again to you right now.

I'm going to bed. See you Monday. I'll try to do better. Got a whole Theology of Missions thing going...


Bhedr said...

Are you O.K Jeremy? Whatever you write is fine with me.

Get some shut eye. Monday? Aye that's right ye are puritan. Will honor that. Wish you the best in your missions project.

I have to sing tomorrow. yikes

Joe said...

Wachu talkin' 'bout, boah! I enjoy your posts every day!

I apologize for making you think you have something to apologize for.

Please forgive me.

Or get some sleep, which ever comes first!

Jeff Wright said...

I've never thought the content here was weak.

I think I actually wrote "great content" in your blog description on my new site.