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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

I know I said I wouldn't blog on Sunday, but I am. So there. I also have a text that allows me to blog on Sunday, if we can take blogging to mean, 'making a man every whit whole on the Sabbath.' (John 7:23 KJV) That's my preferred definition anyway.

O. K. So there was no Friday Favorites or Saturday Satire this week. I had some favorite posts, just didn't feel like taking the time to tell you about them. Go do the work yourself! I will help you though. I'll tell you which links to click on under 'blogs by people I like'. Don't click on 'Two polished pennies'. He's moved to anvilfire.blogspot.com. Don't click on Leaving Oz for Yeshua either. Brian's shut down for a little while. I'm just leaving the link for support as Brian goes through this trying time of bloglessness. He may come back later. I'll let you know.

Go ahead and use everyone else's links. Here's a helpful guide though.
Pyro's been slow this week.
Challies blogs about eighty times a week.
Steve Weaver has been blogging about Baptist confessionalism.
Jeff Wright has been without a computer but found time to blog about a movie that John Rush at anvilfire.blogspot.com blogged about.
Campi wrote about Polycarp this week.
Dave Mullins picked up a new reader. I don't know if he's for real or not, if he is, may God have mercy on his soul.
Joe blogs every day whether he has something to say or not.
My commentary only needs to be read on Wednesdays.
James Spurgeon posted some pictures of animals and, oh yeah, catechisms for young'uns. Over at Texas Baptist Underground he reminded us that he hasn't posted in a while.
Shawn Lynes continued his postings on family worship, and a picture of a tornado. (Speaking of bad weather, I love it! Magaly, my wife, hates it when I open the curtains and blinds to look out at thunderstorms, but I do it when she's not looking anyway.)
Since I've been Chad Bresson's blog, The Vossed World, I've learned about moths, Geerhaurd Vos, trees, and other oddities. Great blog.
That's basically it this week.

Jeff Wright commented,
Hey Jeremy,
Could you post a list of your favorite one to two volume church history books?
I ask because I think I'm going to buy some for class this year.

Here you go.

1. Justo Gonzalez, The Story of Christianity
2. Henry Vedder, A Short History of Baptists
3. Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History
On a related note, I picked up Volume 1 this weekend of Nettles' series titled, 'The Baptists'. I already love it. I knew I would. Another book by Nettles that I recommend every Baptist have in their library is, 'By His Grace, and For His Glory'. Great Stuff.
I'm also thinking about getting the Baker series on Church History that is being released.

Knowing also your need for satire, I'll give you a little sampling here.

New Poll By George Barna!

The effect of Saturday Morning cartoons on the Spirituality of Adult Americans.

82% of Americans who watched Scooby-Doo mysteries in childhood find it hard to believe in a 'Spiritual World'. This is due to Scooby-Doo's unmasking of every ghost and goblin only to reveal a real person as the villain.
92% of Americans who watched Smurfs in childhood are now Satanists. They tried to warn us.
75% of Americans who watched Batman in childhood do not believe in the redemption of mankind. The Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Two Face, etc. never got saved.
68% of Americans who watched Looney Tunes in childhood say that they believe in reincarnation. The number of times Wile E. Coyote blew himself up, fell off a cliff, and rocketed into the side of a cliff gave them the idea they can come back time after time after time.
Only 12% of Americans who watched Superbook in childhood are now Christians. Of those 12%, only 6% read their Bibles and only 1% can have ever shared there Faith in Christ.


Joe said...

Now wait a minute! You think that just because i have nothing to say, I should therefore not blog? What kind of convolution is that?

Be sure to answer the question in my next post, by the way.

I's like to know.

Steve Weaver said...

Way to play catch up!

Good stuff, especially that stuff about my blog.

Bhedr said...

I'm gonna have to check out your brother Steve's blog. Hey I got my blog going again but you may need to re-link. Forgive this beginner. I had to shut my own blog down as I couldn't control it. LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE CREATED! Any way I think its safe. Shawn has sent me info to learn how to link you and him and I hope to try and figure that out soon. Forgive us illiterate truckers.

Thank you for soothing my conscious on this blogging Sunday deal. However just got back from Bush Gardens this weekend so I have been at it today, normaly I wouldn't post either; but as you were...I have been catching up as well.

John said...

Am I in trouble? I watched all those cartoons except for whatever superbook is.

Reformer said...

Jeremy, way to catch up! I have also been absent from the Blogosphere since Wednesday! I found my new favorite commentor!

Let me publically say, as public as this widely read BLog is... I am very sorry for the one who calls himself a Prophet of God. I have since insisted that he create a profile with verifiable contact and identification or I will ban him. Problem is... I'm so technically illiterate that I don't how, or even IF, I can can ban someone from a free Blog? Any ideas! I'd hate to let one person ruin my blog for others.

And... I AM IN BIG TROUBLE! NOW I KNOW WHY! I watched Smurfs and Scooby Doo EVERY SATURDAY! Thanls for that insight. I can cancel my appointment with my psychotherapist now!

Grace to you, friends!

OH, John, good to run into you here! You will find a lot of great stuff here at Jeremy's site ... and his brother Steve's!

Jeremy Weaver said...

You know I love you. And your blog.
Good stuff about my blog!
Busch Gardens is definitely out on the Sabbath!:)
Superbook was a corny cartoon about kids who go back in time to see Biblical History unfold.
The Prophet of God called and wants you to talk more about the evils of rain forest depletion and the apocalyptic consequences inthis world and dire eschatological consequences in the life to come!
I had a Smurfs puzzle, a smurf birthday party, Smurf Shrink-its (is that what they're called), and a lot more Smurf junk, until my someone told my dad about the implicit Satanism of the cartoon. It was my favorite puzzle!:(