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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday Theology-God

There is one God. The one God exists in three persons. These persons are: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.
The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. They are three distinct persons and yet one God. The Father, as a distinct person from the Son and the Holy Spirit, is God. The Son, as a distinct person from the Father and the Holy Spirit, is God. The Holy Spirit, as a distinct person from the Father and the Son, is God. Yet they are one God.
The Father is God, not begotten or proceeding. The Son is God, begotten of the Father, but not proceeding. The Holy Spirit is God, proceeding from the Father and the Son, but not begotten. So there is a distinction in the Godhead, between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and yet one God.
The Father is eternal, the Son is eternal, and the Holy Spirit is eternal.
The Father is omnipotent, the Son is omnipotent, and the Holy Spirit is omnipotent.
The Father is holy, the Son is holy, and the Holy Spirit is holy.
There is one God existing in three persons.

Scripture for further study.
John 4:24; Psa. 147:5; 83:18; Heb. 3:4; Rom. 1:20; Jer. 10:10; Exod. 15:11; Isa. 6:3; 1 Pet. 1:15-16; Rev. 4:6-8; Mark 12:30; Rev. 4:11; Matt. 10:37; Jer. 2:12-13; Matt. 28:19; John 15:26; 1 Cor. 12:4-6; 1 John 5:7; John 10:30; 5:17; 14:23; 17:5, 10; Acts 5:3-4; 1 Cor. 2:10-11; Phil. 2:5-6; Eph. 2:18; 2 Cor. 13:14; Rev. 1:4-5.


Bhedr said...

Amen tis a mystery indeed!

John said...

Hey Jeremy,
Good Blog. I decided to wander over since you frequently comment on my good freind Dave Mullin's blog.

One of the things I like best of about the trinity is how each member never acts alone and all work together in some way. Like the Spirit interceding for us, and Christ being our intercessor and God the father recieving our requests. Or each's role in salvation. God giving the elect to the Son. The Son redeeming the elect to the Father. The Spirit drawing the elect to Christ. I've always enjoyed seeing how the Trinity works together even through they are distinct. Anyway good blogging!

Joe said...


This is one of the most difficult or theologies.

So many people in our church struggle with the doctrine of the Trinity.

I, myself, am at a loss to explain the doctrine, all I know is the Scripture teaches it, so I accept it.

Thanks for some good words and great references!

Jeremy Weaver said...

I read at your blog that you're a new student a Southern. My brother Steve just graduated with a MDiv. from there. I've also heard that Bruce Ware likes the Trinity.:)
I've never met Dave in person but would like to. He seems like a well balanced guy.

Bhedr said...

Hey Jeremy,
Something or someone has hacked into my blog. I can't control it anymore. I am at my folks house this weekend and went to check on it and the stuff i posted for last month is up yet my posts call for this month. I don't know what's up and how deleted files can post without my knowlege. Anyhow I may shut it all down for now.

Shawn L said...


You need to look at the archives section and it will say the month and you can look at those.