Old Doxoblogy

Saturday, September 10, 2005

An Embarrassing Attempt At Hymnody By The Doxoblogist

God Has Spoken
God has spoken, By His prophets,
Giving us His words.
All He's said will be accomplished,
By His true incarnate Word.

God has spoken, By apostles,
Showing us the Word.
All He's done and free salvation,
Proclaiming Jesus the Lord.

God is speaking, In the Scriptures,
Living, active word.
All we need for holy living,
Made like our exalted Lord.


Bhedr said...

Good hymn! Nothing to be embarassed about.

J. Wendell said...

That is not embarassing - it has excellent progression going on. Sing the melody for us! (Can you insert audio clips in these blogs?) I am still learning... God bless you, brother.

John Rush said...

Welcome back!

Good stuff!

Keep writing!

Don't be embarrassed--there is NO NEED!

Praise the Lord that He has spoken!


pilgrim said...

It's to the point and therefore clear in meaning.

No doubt what you're saying, no Jesus is my boyfriend or fuzzy thinking--

I agree with the other comments...