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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Church History

In my 'Blogs By People I Like' section you will see a link there to Historia ecclesiastica. This is Dr. Michael Haykin's blog. His blog is dedicated to Church history and particularly Baptist history. Today he posted a great article about the study of the Early Church Fathers. To read this article click here.
And continue to read his blog. You'll learn a lot.


Joe said...

Lot's of great information there. I hope to find an avenue to use some of it in my Bible teaching.


Bhedr said...

Ok! Ok!


Plenty of sources including this one!

Jeremy Weaver said...

I told you about that Chad guy. He'll have us all sick before we know it.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

The only negative to Haykin's blog is there is no comment section. So much more could be learned in a community setting.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Two things,
1) You've got to come up with a better profile name than Jonathan Moorhead. How about Trinitas, Tertullian II, Filioquist, or even Taxista? (See? I read your Trinty post, and so I know you like studying the Trinity.)
2) I would like to interact a little on Haykin's blog too, but he's probably not allowing comments just to keep people like me from commenting.

Bhedr said...

I started feeling a little queasy when I saw the Bengals are 5-1