Old Doxoblogy

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'Dux' Droppings-Where I Have Been And Left A Little Bit Of Myself

This may become a new feature of this blog. I'll show you where I have been in the blogosphere during the previous week and where I left little pellets of wisdom.

Here's where I normally hang out. Here's a couple of places I dumped on Phil.
Here and here.

Here's another place I dropped in.
Here I am.

Here's the guy who got me started in the blogosphere and is also responsible for this post.
I encourage him here and dump on him here.

Here's another fun hangout.
I am a party pooper here, literally. I dump on the Vols here.

Here's another place I graced with my presence.
Here is where I get dumped on by Paulos.

Here's a place where Bailey Smith wishes he wasn't.
He gets pooped on by everyone here and here.

On a more serious note, let this be a word of warning or jubilation to the rest of the blogosphere;
I'm circling the blogosphere and you never know where I might go!


John Rush said...


You are hilarious. Good idea!


Rose~ said...

You were the party pooper? Not from my point of view. But I did wonder what you meant by the 30 second/45 second comment. (woosh!! over my head!)
I saw the picture of that alligator and giant snake while clicking on those links (I normally don't visit your brother's blog). I have a draft of a post using that picture. I wonder how many other people have used that picture!! I better post my draft before the picture has been over-exposed.

This was a neat idea. Thanks for the tour!

Joe said...

That's the best blogging idea I've seen. What a trip!

DOGpreacher said...

See me bowing down (u da man, u da man). That's a good one!