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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Little Lighthearted Levity That Doesn't Weigh Very Much

Here at Doxoblogy, we (the staff and I) like to keep things lighthearted and easy going. So occasionally we (the staff and I) will put together a post that is more conversational in tone, or even somewhat funny. Not too funny mind you, we're (the staff and I) men of God. Anything too funny is strictly forbidden by our Holy book. Still we (the staff and I) fudge a little and hope for the mercy of a loving God to forgive us (the staff and I) for whatever transgression may result from the lightheartedness.
After all we (the staff and I) are human and humans aren't perfect so God grades on the curve, right? Right.

Which brings us (the staff and I and you, the reader) to our (ibid.) topic. With all of the potential for an implosion of the blogosphere over the continuance and degree of continuance and various aspects of the continuance of the spritual gifts, we (I'm sick of it too) are going to attempt to make your read here a little easier. So sit back, relax, and breathe in the fresh air of a few Christians (you know who we are) who really just want peace in the blogosphere.

We (us) are not really ones for controversy. We (dummies) just hate evil and wrong doctrine with a passion and try to push the buttons that start the controversy. It's not that we (Godly men) like to argue, we (collectively) just want you to know that we (Doxoblogy) are right. All of the time. I can't remember being wrong. No. Wait. OK. Just that once just now when I thought there may have been a time I was wrong, but one of the staff told me I was wrong about that.

Some of the things we (me and my staff) have been right about so far are: Calvinism, Evangelism, History, Exposition, Monergism and Synergism, and most recently, the Spiritual Gifts. We (all of us) were right about every single aspect one hundred percent of the time on these topics.
If you don't believe me, just ask the staff. They're (them) always right.


Ray said...

LOLOL -- I (we) love this post. Doxo (and staff) keep it up!!!

John Rush said...

How do you join the staff and what are the benefits? Can I get dental and eye riders in my policy? What about Christmas bonuses and vacation time? I have to know that stuff right up front.

JRush: Committed to the slave conditions of working a whole 20 hours a week. I WANT MY GOVERNMENT STIPEND!

candyinsierras said...

You (you and your staff) are right(as in not wrong) to post a lighthearted (as apposed to heavyhearted) post in which someone such as I (me or myself, not me and staff) can enjoy. I (as apposed to others) am so over the other conversation(the conversation concerning cessationists/continuationists(synonym of charismatics, but with 6 syllables as apposed to 4 syllables, so it sounds more presentable.

forgiven said...

Your right, what can I say Right ,all right . Right

marc said...

How can this be wrong when it feels so right?

Joe said...

Uh...please introduce us to the staff.

And when do we get to the subject of ibid? (our (ibid.) topic).

How can we ask a staff to whom we have not been introduced?

John said...

I can verify that he(and the staff) are always right on Calvinism, Evangelism, History, etc. because I have never disagreed with Jeremy (and the staff) on any of his (their) theological views.

Antonio said...

Now did God actually foreknow you would be right or did He decree such?

Was this rightness delivered to you via an irresistible call?

Or could you have shirked it?

Is there a possiblity that you can lose this rightness?

What happens if you do not persevere being right?

Are you unconditionally right?

Is your (and your staff's) rightness limited only to a few?

Is everyone else Totally Wrong?


Jeremy Weaver said...

And we thought Antonio didn't have since of humor!
I like you Antonio, but I'm right, and if you disagree with me, then you do the math!
I am entering into covenant with Marc. I'm done arguing Calvinism.
I'm now entering into covenant with Pilate. What I have written, I have written.

Antonio said...


you are a decent and funny man,

you are right, you and your staff

(as long as you make the rules here!)


Come visit my blog sometime! The last two posts weren't in reference to Calvinism.

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