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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Schizophrenia At Doxoblogy

May I direct your attention to the comment section of this blog, under the post titled, An Incomplete Sermon Manuscript On Acts 17:22-31.

"The prophet of God" is carrying on quite an interesting conversation with himself there.

Odd thing is, deception must not be on his list of sins that need to be repented of. Here he is trying to deceive others by commenting to himself as though someone actually liked what he has to say. When he finishes his conversation I will turn off anonymous comments. If you want to comment you'll have to fill out a profile on blogger. It's easy. I like to know who I'm talking to anyway. And don't be like the "Prophet" and not include an email address.

I had been systematically deleting all comments from this persona, but it's got to be a bit time consuming, so I'll just put out this notice, Don't respond to him. I made this mistake on a different blog of one of my friends and learned it's a black hole and you will not come out the same. Read his comments of impending destruction on me, take him home with you to your blog, or laugh at his arrogant foolishness, but please, don't encourage him here.

Also, check out the My Rules post.


Jeff Wright said...

That's really sad. Sorry you are having to put up with it.

Dante said...

It's too bad he cant take the time and energy to post something useful.

forgiven said...

I have notice on some blogs, people with anger when blogging. I don't understand, if you are Christ like, why that happens. Jesus say what comes out of the mouth.....
Pray for them

J. Wendell said...

friend, brother, defender of the faith, true servant of God, lifter of the name of Jesus Christ: may God bless you in your life and continue to work through you as your heart seeks to glorify him.

BTW - Great commentary on Galatians. I'm certain I will be quoting you in the kindest possible way.

Bhedr said...

Good Grief:-{

Shawn L said...

Well praise God in the midst of every circumstance.

Joe said...

I guess from time to time we all get responses from the fringe.

I usually just delete them right away, if I catch them in time.

Soon, most of them give up.

(Are you going to delete this comment? Do you consider me to be on the fringe?)

Ray said...

I second bhedr! GOOD GRIEF!

Shawn L said...

How do you do the ATOM XML thing?

I thought it best to ask someone so I can read blogs through there if I don't want to go to their blog site I can get it delievered to my computer right.

Jeremy Weaver said...

I don't know.

J. Wendell said...

Jeremy, I can't believe the conversation goes on! Rose and I went on a date tonight and we capped off the evening by busting our guts over the latest installment. This is exactly why I am a cessationist. ;-) Do you need further proof? Do you really need scripture?

Let us pray for the fella that the Lord will reach out to him in his loneliness. After all, Scotland is a very cold place.

I'm sure he is wrong and you don't hate him.

Jeremy Weaver said...

'Hate' is a strong word.
I am jealous of truth because of him. Better to expose false doctrine than let it blossom and carry some away on the winds of delusion.

J. Wendell said...

I appreciate your eloquence. Very poetic.

Jeremy, you are showing yourself to be Christ-like: full of grace, and TRUTH.

but you still won't repent will you? ;~)

J. Wendell said...

... wise as a dove and gentle as a serpent ...

(not you Jeremy.)

The prophet of God said...

False doctrine eh! I believe in Yashua. I believe in repentance of sin. I believe in The whole word of God.
I believe in heaven and hell.
I believe that God will send His son back to this earth. I believe He is coming back to judge the whole earth.
I believe all denominations are part of the whore church of Rome , I believe they are part of her and operate in the same religeous manner. They are her daughters
( according to Revelations).
I encouraged a brother on another site in his acknowledgement of his sin and his repenting.
I bloged with him on mullins musings.
Jeremy here jumps down my throat (just like a good christian should) and rebukes me for encouraging him.
He tells me that I shoudn't do such things as "I have no right to do so" I am wrong he says.

Through how Jeremy has behaved towards me as a believer and insited you all into commenting on me, (all in harsh terms, without really knowing what has been said)
I feel that I should write to you and let you all have a chance to see my point of view.

Is it wrong to encourage someone to repent?
Is it wrong to put people right on the blatant error in behaviour and their lack of being scriptural.
You all, being Jeremys friends I expect you to back him up. But as so called christians I would expect you to check out the facts.

This is what's wrong in christianity today. Anyone can say something and without being checked out it is believed.

Well I do believe and confess to you all that Jesus is Lord.That He came in flesh and will be coming in all power and glory to judge.

I have said nothing to Jeremy that I would not say to his face. He knows my name and where I live.
I have not decieved him nor anybody else. Including David Mullins (the Lord bless him, for true repentance leading unto salvation)
You seem to think that your all fire proof and all going to heaven. You all keep saying Gods so good(all the time)
Have any of you read your bibles from beginning to end.
What is the reason Jesus gives for speaking in parables?
God even says in Thessolonians He will pour out a strong delusion so that they might believe a lie and be damned. (that's not very nice is it)
You all confuse discernment with having a critical spirit. Not knowing the time nor day that we are living in.
I bet you all think cause good old G.W.bush says he's a christian you all believe him.
You say that I not a prophet nor a true follower of Christ, but good old G.W Bush!
Well I havn't sent anyone to war, nor killed unarmed civilians or coalition troops.
Doing such things is contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

I promote Jesus to all. Not the wishy washy Jesus you believe in.
No the Jesus of the bible. Your all too busy trying to build the kingdom rather than waiting for Jesus to return to establish His kingdom (not the one that you think He wants)
All the works of your hands, Not His.
I promote a Jesus who asks for repentance from sin, in order to be forgiven. Read the gospels about that. How many times does Jesus say repent.
No Jesus said He would send prophets and they would be (as always was the case )
Rejected, despised, un-beleived and killed.
"say it isn't so! why if God sent us a real prophet we would belive that one".
No you wouldn't, because you don't have the faith required to believe in a prophet sent by God. If you can't believe in a prophet you can't believe if one was raised from the dead.(check out the scriptures for that one)
No I am right jeremy hates me. It is not me who hates.
Jeremy doesn't like me encouraging his friend. He thinks he has the ultimate, exclusive right to encourage.
Not me, the person led by God to tell him to repent for months, before he actually did.
To say something good about you, I read what you write and I find it very good. Very uplifting.
But where's the fruit?
Be doers of the word, not hearers. Hearing brings faith, but without actions!
I tell Jeremy to repent, it's now up to him.
I love him in Christ enough to tell him and all mankind repent.
If you Jeremy find my comments unscriptural, then I don't know which bible you are reading.
I don't say it to waste my time, or to attack you.
Your profile is very worldly, nothing more to say except, the people who are patting you on the back have very similar interests!!!!
Nothing more to say except,
MARANATHA, Jesus IS coming very soon IN YOUR LIFETIME, Wakeup sleepy.

J. Wendell said...

What was that Pyromaniac called your blog ... "entertaining"? (!)

The prophet of God said...

Yes let's all have a laugh. Jesus said mockers would come, scoffing the truth.
And all you want to do is mock and scoff.