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Friday, November 11, 2005

A Meditation On The Cross

When we look to the cross we see God's glory in Christ.

We see His love.
We see His holiness.
We see His justice.
We see His grace.
We see His mercy.
We see His wrath.
We see His providence.
We see His power.
We see His faithfulness.
We see His goodness.
We see His righteousness.
We see His hatred of sin.
We see His omnipresence.
We see His submissiveness.
We see His wisdom.
We see His authority.
We see His face.

We see our Judge.
We see our Defender.
We see our Salvation.
We see our Creator.
We see our God.

Keep your eyes on the cross.


Joe said...

That was very powerful!

Thanks for posting it.

forgiven said...

Great Meditation.. Do you know what I see? I see a Father that would do this for me. How Great is that.

bluecollar said...

We preach Christ and Him crucified. Thanks for posting it.

J. Wendell said...

Some song writers with a unique sound wrote a song called "Cling to the Cross" My kids and I love to sing it because of its simplicity and powerful message. Would you like us to sing it for you?

That is a good focus as we get into much debate. PTL for His Spirit in us as we do discus argue and debate because, like you post points out the blood and the Spirit unite us in reality.

Rejoicing in Christ with you,

Bhedr said...



Me 2

Blue Collar,




Shawn L said...

Thank you Jeremy. I'm sorry I haven't written much, been working so so much, but I always love your heart for Chirst. May God bless you

Bhedr said...


Jeremy Weaver said...

Thanks for the comments.

Steve Weaver said...